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January 6,2007

January 6, 2007 It's been since September 16th that I had been up to Ground Zero. I felt I had lost my edge in outreaching to the public so I went back to New York to hone my skills. The last time I was in New York, Mark Roberts, the opposition who does nothing but that to our group, humiliated me. He taunts and calls you names when you're trying to talk to people. He interrupts you and tries to interject his "facts" or "evidence" into your conversation. And when he is proved wrong, he calls you names or curses at you like he did today. But on 9/16/2006, he humiliated me and had the people laughing at me. So I was determined to make sure that the next time I was there, he would not get my goat and that I would be prepared. Les Jamieson had put out an email a few days before, mentioning that Mark has been using the NIST report as basis for his challenges to the group. So I studied up and this time I was prepared for any attack, making up a list of notes. But I did forget one thing. I was going to laugh at him for telling me to look at those new videos from the Pentagon, last September that definitively showed Flight 77 hitting the Pentagon from the Citgo station and the other released video from the Pentagon. All I saw was a small thin white pencil shaped object and then the explosion. No Plane. And all you could see in the Citgo video was NOTHING. You couldn't even make out the customers. I was going to laugh in his face. I forgot. Note to my brain. REMEMBER for the next time dummy.
So I got up to GZ and for the first time, I was not the first to arrive. Luke Rudkowski beat me there. He was already there when I got there. We took a walk over to the firehouse on Liberty St, passing Mark as we walked over. I took a picture of the wall honoring the murdered firefighters. I wished I could have done so on 9/11 but I didn't have a camera then. I feel sorry for those firefighters in that station. They have to be pretty sick of all the people looking into the station's door bay windows. After 5 years of it, it must be pretty tiring. They have a sign that says, No t-shirts ring the bell for station business or something like that. We'll get back to Station 10 a bit later in the entry.
We got back to our spot at Church & Fulton Sts and Mark had already put up his signs on the construction wall that put us down and that make fun of us. This way we can't put up our poster boards. So we held them ourselves after Les got there with them and the flyers. There were only a few of us there at the time. Carol, Harvey, Luke and myself and Mark of course, spreading his stuff. As the day wore on more and more truthers started to come on board and Ryan showed up with more posters so we put all of them up against the construction walls. I finally got to meet Brian who is one of my friends from MySpace. Now we had a better show against Mark's vicious signs. I then decided to jump in to start sharpening my outreaching skills. I headed over to the posters and jumped in feet first. I started with a nice couple and talked with them for a good 15 minutes, prefacing myself with the fact that Mark may come over here and try and convince you that what I am telling you is wrong and that his facts are the only truth and that he will curse at me and yell at me and put me down. And then he will pull out his camera and try and bait me into looking foolish. So needless to say he showed up and for everything I said, as usual, he had an opposite opinion and when I spoke about the lady that took the picture of the explosion of Flight 93 from her porch he said that, I just spoke with her yesterday and that she is a friend of mine and on and on with everything I said, he had opposition and pictures and everything. So when I finally said to the couple, See, I told you what he would do, he started to yell at me when I wouldn't look at his "evidence" and pictures. He called me an asshole and another semi-unmentionable word and pulled out the camera and I immediately shut up. I wasn't going to get into a position like I was last time. He wasn't going to make a monkey out of me and have these people laugh at me like the last time and then put me on the Internet, censored to his point of view. I told the couple this and I walked away for a while until Mark gave up. After a while, the couple actually came looking for me to thank me. That was a pleasant surprise, the first of 2 for the day. The second was a usual one at Ground Zero. We had the pleasure, several of us, to get to talk to a very pretty African American young lady who said she was from Brittany. I had never heard of the country. So I Googled it just now and found that it is one of the 6 Celtic nations. It occupies a peninsula in the Northwest of France (Wikipedia) She had a very distinct British/French accent but a little hard to understand at times but like I've said in the past, 100% on our side, like a lot of foreigners, e.g., the British, the Germans, the Swedes, the Afghani woman I spoke to during the summer, the Eastern bloc people are mostly into it and really most of the tourist/foreigners we speak to seem to understand it more than a lot of our own people. And as this young woman from Brittany said, she cannot understand why more Americans don't understand what we are trying to do at Ground Zero. I later got to speak to a family from Mexico. One lady translated to her family while I spoke to her. I then was speaking a young gentleman about planes hitting WTC when Mark came around for round 2. The talk came around to the fireproofing coming off of the steel. Well, I was prepared for this as I had listened to Les from his email. I watched Kevin Ryan's very informative video on the NIST report and how wrong it was and what they exaggerated and what they left out and how they performed their tests. I had it all written down and was prepared to go toe to toe with Mark this time as I had the facts right in front of me. But when it came time to discuss the facts of the fireproofing in WTC, Mark decides to change the conversation to pictures of the fireproofing at the Deutsche Bank across Liberty St. And again, I kept saying, But Mark, let's talk about the NIST report and how THEY determined how the fireproofing came off the WTC steel. But he kept insisting on using the bank's steel. Well, I had prefaced my talk with this guy the same way I prefaced it with the couple before and I told the guy, see, he dancing around. I want to tell you about the WTC and he wants to talk about a building that is still standing. But the situation was getting to the point where this poor guy was getting tag teamed, so I cut him loose and told him that we were getting nowhere and I didn't want to cause him any more grief so I left him with Mark and gave him a flyer. That is how Mark operates. When you want to bring the facts out, he maneuvers you around to his way and then he has you. But I had Mark where I wanted him but the guy had that which-way-do-I-look-first look on his face and I wasn't going to give him any more problems so I just let Mark have him. No use harassing the guy.
The flyers were pretty much gone and 4 PM was rolling around when Mark started in on Ryan and they were arguing about the "massive conflagration" of WTC1. Mark doesn't seem to want to understand what black smoke means and that the fires were almost out in both buildings. I don't think they taught him that in his government schooling. At this point, I had decided to start videoing this conversation. I was getting some good shots when Luke decides to ask Mark about some of his signs on the construction wall. He pointed out a sign that says our group disparages the victims of 9/11. He started to walk away. Well, I chimed in, Ah, he's walking away. He went over to grab one of our poster boards, for what reason, I don't know. At that point, I chimed in, in a very loud voice, which you can hear clearly on the video, I lost 343 firefighter brothers. I used to be a dispatcher for the fire department, Mark. Then he decides that he wants to go to Station 10 on Liberty St with his camera and he says Let's go tell the firefighters that the government brought the buildings down. Like I'm going with him and his camera. He thinks, I'm stupid. Then my batteries on the camera go dead. I knew that they were going dead and I forgot and didn't change them and the video abruptly just stops right when it was getting good. Then the cops came over, of course because they heard my big mouth. I didn't see that sign before and I knew the meaning of disparage and it pissed me off when I heard Luke mention it and I just snapped. I have stated before in my blog that I sat like a zombie for a month in front of the tube after the collapses hoping that they would find firefighters alive in the rubble. I would cry and call my wife at work. She would get mad at me because I was calling 2 and 3 times a day when the news would say things about the people in Lower Manhattan and then another flag draped casket would come out. So I do not disparage any of the people in that sacred burial ground especially the 343. I am there to honor them and to find the truth so we can lock up the true terrorists, one day. And on that day, Mark will eat his words and I want to be there on that day. I will have to remember to laugh in his face about those videos that didn't show Flight 77 hitting the Pentagon. Damn, I forgot.
We wrapped it up with another team photograph from GZ which I hope will be posted on the website so I can put it up on my page. We headed for the deli for a little repast and some strategy talk for the future. Tomorrow is a 9/11 off Broadway play that some of the members will be attending. Les then thought about bringing some of the firefighters that are on the 9/11 truth side and bring them down to GZ when Mark is there to take up his challenge to me about going to Station 10 to tell them that we're not there to disparage the 343 firefighters that were murdered that day. Let's see how he would handle that because there was a firefighter that was there a while ago, I was told and I forger his name, my apologies to him, who took on Mr. Roberts and manhandled him very well. So I talked a little more with Les, Jack and Carol and slowly things broke up and I headed for the subway with Charlie and Randall. I honed my outreaching today and hope to go back in 2 weeks.


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