Tuesday, August 29, 2006

March 24, 2006

The first time I met the group was on March 24,2006 when they picketed the opening of the movie United 93, the movie based on the happenings inside the hijacking of one of the planes on 9/11. It is based on lies and hearsay. There are too many unanswered questions and too many eyewitnesses to fully believe the movie to be true. Before the first movie started, we set up outside the St Marks Church at 10th St & 2nd Ave in Greenwich Village, which is where every Sunday, they hold meetings with movies or discussions on 9/11. In attendance was Gabriel Day, the Outreach & Networking Coordinator for the 911truth.org organization, in from California and another gentlemen from CA, Jose whose last name I do not remember. Also the leader of our New York group is Les Jamison. He is the rock of the group. Other members of the group were Tom, Charlie, Zena, Sherry and several other members whose names I do not remember at the time of this writing. We set up our line along the church wall and the curb lines. We hand out our flyers with our 9/11 quiz on it to see if you can answer the unanswered questions that we pose to you that if you can answer only 1 of the questions, you did better than the 9/11 Commission. This being my first time, I just held a sign around my neck and handed out the flyer. My style is that if they want the flyer, theyll take it, if they dont want it, theyll ignore you, which they usually do. If they stop and ask questions, you do your best to answer them. If you get into a discussion, you tell your story. And then there are the people that are really against us and are so radically mad at us. Many of the other people have different styles. Charlie talks about the hole at the Pentagon and too many unanswered questions while he holds the groups sign that says, 9/11 Was an Inside Job. He also talks about the collapse of WTC7 and why it collapsed when no plane hit it. Others approach the people and almost put it in their hands and of course my way of putting it out and pulling it back if their dont take it. So for about an hour we stood in and around the church area before the movie started. Then we moved down towards the theater. We set up along the curb line so we didnt interfere with any of the theatergoers. Like at the church, I still had my sign but now I was holding it because it was pulling on my neck. So I hand held it in my left hand and tried my best to give out the flyers with my right. I put the sign down eventually and gave out the flyer with both hands. A lot easier. Talking to the New Yorkers wasnt as bad as I thought for my firs time though as I mention here. But I had a pair of lesbians tell me to go F*CK myself. As this blog goes on, you will see that lesbians DO NOT LIKE US. And then there was the guy that came by and told us that we were so wrong and that he was there and we didnt know what we were talking about. All we then say most of the time is and what I usually say is, Open you mind and look in your computer. The facts are all laid out for you. On this day, they were the only 2 radically bad reactions to us we had. Most of the rest were truly interested people. I had conversations with several people and I told them what I thought and what I read on the Internet and how I got started in the group. For more info on how I got into 911truth, please read my profile. Being my first time, I was a little scared and especially being in New York City. The people are a lot different and more diverse. I lived in New York for a year as a fire dispatcher for the FDNY so I relate to 9/11. I may not have known personally any of the firefighters that died that day but I know I must have had dinner with some of them because we had dinner in the Wall Street district a few times. I just told the people that I was convinced that there were unanswered questions that needed to be answered and that we need a new independent commission to look into what really happened on that tragic day. We explain what our boards are all about. Being from Philly, I felt that living in New York was just too fast for me. I felt Philly was much slower and easier. But I was also married. If I werent married, Id probably still be a New Yorker. But as the night went on, a news crew from Access Hollywood showed up to interview the movie patrons on why they attended the movie and what they thought. But then they started to interview one of our group. It became quite a long interview. Then the cameraman took a few shots of the line of us standing and handing out the flyers. But as he was leaving he put the camera back up on his shoulder and took a very long shot of me with the board that I was holding now with the flyers in my hand. So I just held the board up for him and let him film me for about a minute or so. Exciting when we found out that they were going to try and get it on the next nights show, which was a half hour, special on the Tribeca Film Festival. VCR/DVR ALERT!!! I may be on TV. So after the movie was ended we finished up and went to a local establishment to have a drink. It was my first drink in quite a while. We had quite a stimulating conversation on our ideas about what happened on 9/11 as I introduced myself to the group as I told them about myself and told them that I would be coming up more and more, trying to be there at least once a month when I could. They hold informational lines at Ground Zero every Saturday from 1230 Pm to 430 PM weather permitting doing the same thing. Handing out flyers and discussing our views and holding little classes on 911truth. There will be more to come. (We never got to be on Access Hollywood. I DVRd every show that week and we never even got a mention.)


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