Tuesday, August 29, 2006

June 17, 2006

I went up to New York and Ground Zero for another outreach. This time several unions held a rally for the injured First Responders that have been forgotten by the government saying that they are not responsible for their health. Many are in major pain with lung and breathing problems and many are still having mental problems from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. There were many speakers including Representative Charles Rangel D-NY and many speakers I did not know. Many union speakers and many had congregated. During that time, we were handing out flyers for a First Responder event that we were holding at St Marks Church at 10th St and 2nd Ave in Manhattan for their benefit. Several speakers were to be there to tell the event attendees their problems and what is not being done for their help. I was quite surprised, as I would speak up for the First Responders how many people have forgotten all about the Heroes of 9/11. I would say, How little we forget. We honked for 2 weeks and called them heroes. But now we forget all about them. They are hurting with breathing and lung problems and the government has turned their backs on them. Come to our event. Dont turn your backs on the Heroes of 9/11. And many people would not even look at you or would ignore you. I would expect it for our 9/11 truth literature but for the Heroes of 9/11, they just walked away. So I just stopped talking about it and just handed them out and more people took the flyer. I guess when you embarrass them too much they dont want the flyer. The usual police were there with their machine guns and riot gear. One of them asked me what I was giving out. See we can give out our information as long as we dont come onto the PATH station property, which is about 120 feet away from where we do our outreach. So the police are there for our protection. HA HA After the rally was over, we went into 9/11 mode and started to hand out our regular literature. We had a lot of members today because of the rally so we had the area blanketed with people. I spoke with a few people but not as many as I did my first time. I had a gentlemen who I had a small argument with about the pancake theory of how the towers collapsed. The timing of the towers fell at free fall speed and the pancake theory doesnt jive because there would be too much resistance between each floor for a 100-story tower. Even starting at the 80th floor and each floor taking 1 second to collapse on each other, not even accounting for the resistance, it would take 80 seconds for the tower to collapse. Well, the tower fell in 8-9 seconds, the speed of gravity. It was a little hotter today than the last time when it was a lot windier. I ran out of water and had to hoof it to the cart for some more. Whew, I can just imagine what it will be like in July and August or even on 9/11 itself. We had a team picture taken which I will try to upload to my page as soon as I learn how to it. We had dinner at a local pizza establishment and had some discussions of future events.


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