Tuesday, August 29, 2006

July 12, 2006

Tonight we had our first planning committee meeting for the activities that will be held on 9/11/2006. Mostly we set up a roster of what we would be talking about and a lot of discussion about that took up most of the night. But a list of tentative speakers was brought up and many were definites. Also Loose Changes Final Cut will be premiered on the evening of 9/11. Saturday night is being designated new York Nights and stories of the First Responders and many New Yorkers will be told throughout the day with film showings. A civilian grand jury is being set up in conjunction with one that was set up in Los Angeles that was very successful. Mostly we did a lot of arguing about things, not really but it was talk about what we thought we should do and what we shouldnt do. There will be more and productive meetings but I wont be able to attend them all, unfortunately. I want to be more involved but the finances wont allow me to. So Les, our leader has assigned me the job of researching the hostels in New York, getting all the locations and amenities and prices. I got them into a spreadsheet. He has also given he the job of watching over 911myths to see how vicious they get towards us. They are a pain in the butt. Also I am to research the flying abilities of the pilots of the 4 planes other than Jani Janjour who has been written about ad naseum. So I have my jobs to do, even if Im not in NYC


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