Tuesday, August 29, 2006

August 5, 2006

Today was my greatest day at Ground Zero. Today we had a news crew from Finland spend a few hours doing a news documentary on us. I was there early as usual so I got to talk with them first and keep them company until Les Jameison got there with the flyers and the posters. Les is the group lead of ny911truth.org and is my mentor and good friend and with out a doubt the best orator of the group. I am in awe when he speaks to a crowd. Since I was early, I had a small crowd forming because I had the poster all lined up so I started in with some commentaries. The cameraman came over to me and put a remote microphone on me. Man, I got instantly afraid I was going to say something I should say or drop and F bomb on someone. Well I was talking to a man from Ireland who was peppering me with question after question when a man who I had given a flyer to, threw it back right into my face. Now I can be a little bit of a hot head occasionally but I didnt get upset, I just let my voice get louder and louder and louder. I said, "Look, I'm not un-American. I'm a Patriot. If America is attacked, I'd fight and die for my country and Im disabled (I held my cane high in the air). I'll be here on 9/11 and well all be here in reverence for the 300 murdered souls and me especially for the 343 brave firefighters that lost their lives that tragic day. I am an ex-FDNY dispatcher and all we want is a new independent commission to answer the 115 unanswered questions and omissions from the original 9/11 commission. Then I look the guy that threw the flyer back at me and said, David Ray Griffin said to open your mind 40% give me 30% look in your computer. Google 9/11 conspiracies and read what it says. That's how I got started. That's all we ask is for you to open your eyes and read what's in front of them. Thank you." My heart was pounding. Several of the guys from the group came over and shook my hand. One of them gave me a hug. The cameraman got what he wanted and took the mike from me. So we went on with our routine as Les got interviewed by the reporter I kept giving small groups talks on our newest poster about Osama Bin Laden's FBI office was closed because he is no longer wanted for the crimes of 9/11 because there is no hard evidence that he was responsible for 9/11 or was he ever. So why are our troops still in Afghanistan and why are they still dying? As the day goes on the anti-9/11 group 911myths.com shows up and attacks us from all sides, trying to tack up their signs over top of ours on the construction companys wall, which is illegal. So we just step in front of them to keep them from getting at out posters. I get stuck with one of the tacks in my shoulder and the guy threatens me. I tell him that I am diabetic and that if he sticks me with that tack again, were going to court. He backs off and shuts up. They think they can intimidate but they are easily fooled. So we kept blocking them but Ryan, one of the younger guys says to me, Let them go. With the film crew here, it just draws attention to them. Then a hand grabs me by the shirt and pulls me out of the fray. It was a local cameraman who says to me, Why bother with them. Its not worth it. So I told him about the tack in my shoulder and what he said to me and another guy from the group was there, they both said, go to the police. I said why bother, just what the cameraman said before. They kept saying that the threat and the tack stick was enough in this situation because they would do it to us. Which leads me to about half an hour later. They must have called the Transit police because they rolled up and must have complained to them. Now I wasn't close enough to it but Les was there and he is the peacemaker and I'm sure the cops told the 911myths people to Play nice children because they werent there for more than 5 minutes. The afternoon got hotter as the day wore on and the myths people kept holding their signs over our heads and a lot of people would hold our flyers in front of theirs. One of our newest posters like I said before was the Osama poster not being wanted by the FBI anymore so I was talking about that to a couple of people and the girl from the opposition help up her FALSE sign next to it. So I said, how can it be false if this is his Most Wanted Poster right from the FBIs website, The Government. How can it be false if it come right from their own website? She walked away. The people laughed at her. There was a reporter from US News & World Report there interviewing people. I didn't know who he was I just knew he was a reporter. I went up to him and told him that one of the signs that they had said Evidence, We Dont Need No Stinkin' Evidence. So I told him, See all they want to do is suppress our evidence. They have no evidence. We have the facts from that day. All of our evidence and photos are from 9/11/2001, not the edited stuff that the press and the government gives out. So he interviewed me a little more, asked who I was and the standard stuff and what we did. I guess I'll have to keep my eye on the magazine stands and their website. I had my second celebrity sighting today. From the FX show Rescue Me starring Dennis Leary, Jack McGee who plays the Chief Jerry Reilly. I usually don't bother celebrities on their off time but he was interested in our cause as he started to talk to me. He has played firefighters in many movies including Turk 182 and Backdraft so he told me that he thinks things are beginning to open up for us but we didnt get too far into the conversation and a handshake before the camera bugs interrupted us. So I went back to my talking and he moved on to the next camera bug. Man did it get hotter as the day wore on. One of the gang brought some water. That goes down great. I had brought some flavored sparkling water and tea but plain old water on a hot day hits the spot after a while. We packed up around 4 PM and headed for Times Square for the Anti-War Rally that was there. It was supposed to be a Get Israel out of Lebanon rally but it sure looked a lot like a Palestine rally. There was even a Hezbollah flag there. There was anti-Castro people there and of course ANTI-BUSH people everywhere!!!!! One of our group got interviewed and I got my picture taken holding one of the posters. After a while I got tired of standing so I met up with a few guys and we sat in Starbucks for a while and had a small repast and discussed how we would finish up the rally. We went up the far end of Times Square and handed out flyers for 9/11/2006 for everybody to Join us for one mass demonstration comprised of 9/11 truth events with keynote speakers, films, forums and outreach actions. I gave mine out then the rally started to march and some of our group marched with them and I marched into the subway and walked the long tunnel to the station and 1 stop to Penn Station and home. My greatest day at Ground Zero by far even beating my first day.


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