Tuesday, August 29, 2006

August 19, 2006

Another fabulous day at Ground Zero today. I was very fortunate today as I was proudly holding the NY911truth banner "911 Was an Inside Job" banner, I was approached by a gentleman who said that he was proud that we were doing such a great job. Then he said that he was from the Presbyterian Church and they were getting heat for publishing David Ray Griffin's book. Then I said well were happy that you did. It turns out that he was one of the group that actually did publish the book. I just thought that he just a Presbyterian that was proud that they did publish it. I talked with him for a while and as he was getting ready to leave, Les Jamieson happened to walk into the area and I pointed the gentleman to Les and they exchanged business cards. They talked a bit and the man gave Les the head guys name that published the book and Les is going to try and get him on the radio on WBAI with Les sometime in the future. I tell you, it gets better every time I go to GZ. I love it. It is so much fun when you tell somebody about the TRUTH and they turn their head and they say, "I didn't know that." Then they take the flyer and/or a DVD and they say they will go home and look it up on their computer.

Les had put the call out for the troops to come because the opposition, 911myths.com has been coming on strong lately, talking us down, putting up posters like "False" behind us while we talk and there's my favorite "Evidence, We Don't Need No Stinkin' Evidence." Clearly just trying to suppress our evidence, as all they do is yell us down and tell everybody that our evidence is false. One of our ladies was slapped last week and the police did nothing about it. So this week the troops were out. We had 23 truthers; a new record and they came out with a measly 2. Plus we had a lawyer from the Lawyers Guild watching over the situation for us. She came into play as soon as the opposition started her attacks. What the lawyer said or did I personally do not know but I went toe to toe with both of them for a while but when you talk to concrete long enough, you stop. I learned that a few weeks ago and David Slesinger has rubbed off on me a little bit as well. He has taught me a few things in the small amount of time I have been associated with him. So I put his teachings in effect as well today. I walked away before it got heated. Didn't need any problems. We're not there for that.

I had three young ladies from Afghanistan today. I was very surprised that they were very much into 911 truth. They told me that when they travel in Europe that they find many, many Europeans are actually into 911 truth and understand our side, especially in Germany one of them said. We talked for quite a while. She had many questions. I told them about the oil in the Caspian Sea and the pipeline for Unicol and that the FBI had closed down the OBL office and if OBL didn't do it, why did we invade her country? She looked at me kind of funny. I don't think she knew about that. They took a DVD from the gentleman with me, I do not remember all their names, there are so many in the group I know faces but not their names (sorry guys), and several of our flyers and said that they would go back to Brooklyn tonight and watch the videos and go online. I find the foreign students the best believers at GZ. They have the most questions and are the most polite. We talk mostly to the out of towners as the New Yorkers are so used to us being there, they just walk on by or are our best supporters. I had a New Yorker today who was talking to me as a supporter but in such a round about way that I thought she was telling me that I was wrong about what I was doing but actually she was a supporter but it was such a ring around the rosie. Whew but she eventually got to thanking me and for what we were doing.

So that's a short synopsis of our day at Ground Zero today. We went to have something to eat as a group and as usual, we talked shop. I had an in-depth discussion about the so-called Hologram theory at WTC1 and about the Naudet Brothers how and why they have fallen off the face of the Earth suddenly, only their lawyer has surfaced to sue Dylan Avery. I have seen a website that is trying to hunt them down. They question why they weren't brought to the 9/11 Commission either and that now there is a lot of stuff about their film being staged. There's a long article on the Serendipity website about it. One thing I learned today that an Air Force officer had some pilots try in a simulator to crash Flight 175 into WTC2 at the speed it did and at the angle that it did. Not one of the pilots could do it. Good stuff. You learn the more you talk with the people that have been doing this for years. I'm still a beginner really. But I'm still studying. So we ended with a short discussion of plans for 9/11 on the corner. Remember 8 AM, Ground Zero, New York City, Black T-Shirt, Investigate 9/11 or similar type wording or if you don't have that just a black t-shirt for solidarity. BE THERE!!!


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Nice blog... interesting stuff. Good luck with your group. Seems like you're getting through to a lot of people. But no worries, it's going to come out soon.

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