Tuesday, August 29, 2006

August 13, 2006

Today was the first time I leafleted with the newly organized PA911visibility group. Wendi, Jon and I went to the Anthony Wayne theater in Wayne PA to do the 4 PM showing of World Trade Center. It was such a nice day out, that not very many people went to the movies. We did get many of the people that came out of the 1 PM showing and all of the people going to the other movies and the people walking along the very small sidewalks of the small town. I mention small town because we were beginning to see the same people so often that we were actually telling each other that "Oh I got them" when they walked from the other direction. Jon does a great job with the people. He carries a video camera with him and tries to get everyday people to get their thoughts on camera and then put them on his Internet bulletin board. He did get a couple of young men to volunteer their time to make a short video. It was a beautiful day so it was a slow day for movie going so we mostly talked and walked up and down. Jon went up and into a cafe to hunt down people. We stopped shortly after the 4 PM show ticketing was over and went to the Cold Stone Creamery for a bite of ice cream, which Wendi was nice enough to pay for. I have been wanting to go to one of these franchise stores ever since an acquaintance of mine in the table top baseball game world was given a store in Springfield IL. I promised him I would. It was very good ice cream. The three of us discussed future plans for the group as well as what we were going to put into the flyer that we were going to use for our future outreaches. I hope to continue to leaflet this movie for as long as it is in the theaters. Hopefully I can get some people for next Saturday and Sunday.


Anonymous Mo. said...

I a few weeks I will be in Europe for a couple of weeks. I cannot wait to interview people but also to see the reactions I will get when I wear my "Impeach Bush" t-shirt.

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