Tuesday, August 29, 2006

August 11, 2006

We had a double day today. We held a leafleting outreach today at the opening of Oliver Stone's movie World Trade Center at the AMC Loews Kips Bay Theater at 31st St & 2nd Ave. Channel 11 interviewed Les while we held our poster boards for the cameras. They took some shots of the 2 of us holding them for a few minutes. Fox was there also. I had asked them to wait a few minutes as Les was in traffic. So when he got there Channel 11 beat Fox to the interview so Fox, as usual ran away from the story. Les, Tom, Ryan and several new people that I had never before were there. We spread out and covered the areas with a new leaflet that Les had made up. So we covered the 5 PM show and broke for dinner and had some great conversation. We went back for the 7 PM show. We ended with a rousing outreach with 2 gentlemen, 1 African American gentleman in particular that I think we convinced to really do a little more research. But Les said that we sort of tag team him too much. We have to be a little more subdued when it's 5 on 2. After that we went on to St Mark's for the planning meeting. The list of events for the 4 days was fine tuned a little more. Speakers were shifted around and the premiere of Loose Change 3 was moved to Saturday the 10th. The call to rally at 8 AM on the 11th in black t-shirts was called for and I am going to ask as many 9/11 websites to post it for us. The use of a bullhorn was asked about. Some wanted to use it at Ground Zero others did not. It was decided to only use it for the march to the city offices and Police Plaza to keep all the people in line and so they know where we are going. A permit is needed for that. I volunteered to get it but was overturned by a woman who decided because I was not from New York that I shouldn't be allowed to get it. Oh well. So I have decided not to go to any more planning meetings because I am wasting my time going to New York because I cannot do anything because I do not live in the New York area. So I will do what I can do from my computer and go up when action is needed. I will go up when postering will be done and when we outreach at Columbia University on 9/5-6. Then I will return for 9/8, 10 and 11 when I will return on the 11th very early in the AM to be the logistics man and sit on OUR spot to reserve it and to see what the NYPD will be doing at GZ with the stanchions and their positioning. With this new phony terror raising, the NYPD will be out in force. We knew it would be raised because they had to do something because they knew all these people would be flying into JFK and LaGuardia and Newark just before 9/11 so they could cavity search anybody that looks like an activist or is a known activist. So I will be the early front man like I usually do when I go up there.


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