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January 6,2007

January 6, 2007 It's been since September 16th that I had been up to Ground Zero. I felt I had lost my edge in outreaching to the public so I went back to New York to hone my skills. The last time I was in New York, Mark Roberts, the opposition who does nothing but that to our group, humiliated me. He taunts and calls you names when you're trying to talk to people. He interrupts you and tries to interject his "facts" or "evidence" into your conversation. And when he is proved wrong, he calls you names or curses at you like he did today. But on 9/16/2006, he humiliated me and had the people laughing at me. So I was determined to make sure that the next time I was there, he would not get my goat and that I would be prepared. Les Jamieson had put out an email a few days before, mentioning that Mark has been using the NIST report as basis for his challenges to the group. So I studied up and this time I was prepared for any attack, making up a list of notes. But I did forget one thing. I was going to laugh at him for telling me to look at those new videos from the Pentagon, last September that definitively showed Flight 77 hitting the Pentagon from the Citgo station and the other released video from the Pentagon. All I saw was a small thin white pencil shaped object and then the explosion. No Plane. And all you could see in the Citgo video was NOTHING. You couldn't even make out the customers. I was going to laugh in his face. I forgot. Note to my brain. REMEMBER for the next time dummy.
So I got up to GZ and for the first time, I was not the first to arrive. Luke Rudkowski beat me there. He was already there when I got there. We took a walk over to the firehouse on Liberty St, passing Mark as we walked over. I took a picture of the wall honoring the murdered firefighters. I wished I could have done so on 9/11 but I didn't have a camera then. I feel sorry for those firefighters in that station. They have to be pretty sick of all the people looking into the station's door bay windows. After 5 years of it, it must be pretty tiring. They have a sign that says, No t-shirts ring the bell for station business or something like that. We'll get back to Station 10 a bit later in the entry.
We got back to our spot at Church & Fulton Sts and Mark had already put up his signs on the construction wall that put us down and that make fun of us. This way we can't put up our poster boards. So we held them ourselves after Les got there with them and the flyers. There were only a few of us there at the time. Carol, Harvey, Luke and myself and Mark of course, spreading his stuff. As the day wore on more and more truthers started to come on board and Ryan showed up with more posters so we put all of them up against the construction walls. I finally got to meet Brian who is one of my friends from MySpace. Now we had a better show against Mark's vicious signs. I then decided to jump in to start sharpening my outreaching skills. I headed over to the posters and jumped in feet first. I started with a nice couple and talked with them for a good 15 minutes, prefacing myself with the fact that Mark may come over here and try and convince you that what I am telling you is wrong and that his facts are the only truth and that he will curse at me and yell at me and put me down. And then he will pull out his camera and try and bait me into looking foolish. So needless to say he showed up and for everything I said, as usual, he had an opposite opinion and when I spoke about the lady that took the picture of the explosion of Flight 93 from her porch he said that, I just spoke with her yesterday and that she is a friend of mine and on and on with everything I said, he had opposition and pictures and everything. So when I finally said to the couple, See, I told you what he would do, he started to yell at me when I wouldn't look at his "evidence" and pictures. He called me an asshole and another semi-unmentionable word and pulled out the camera and I immediately shut up. I wasn't going to get into a position like I was last time. He wasn't going to make a monkey out of me and have these people laugh at me like the last time and then put me on the Internet, censored to his point of view. I told the couple this and I walked away for a while until Mark gave up. After a while, the couple actually came looking for me to thank me. That was a pleasant surprise, the first of 2 for the day. The second was a usual one at Ground Zero. We had the pleasure, several of us, to get to talk to a very pretty African American young lady who said she was from Brittany. I had never heard of the country. So I Googled it just now and found that it is one of the 6 Celtic nations. It occupies a peninsula in the Northwest of France (Wikipedia) She had a very distinct British/French accent but a little hard to understand at times but like I've said in the past, 100% on our side, like a lot of foreigners, e.g., the British, the Germans, the Swedes, the Afghani woman I spoke to during the summer, the Eastern bloc people are mostly into it and really most of the tourist/foreigners we speak to seem to understand it more than a lot of our own people. And as this young woman from Brittany said, she cannot understand why more Americans don't understand what we are trying to do at Ground Zero. I later got to speak to a family from Mexico. One lady translated to her family while I spoke to her. I then was speaking a young gentleman about planes hitting WTC when Mark came around for round 2. The talk came around to the fireproofing coming off of the steel. Well, I was prepared for this as I had listened to Les from his email. I watched Kevin Ryan's very informative video on the NIST report and how wrong it was and what they exaggerated and what they left out and how they performed their tests. I had it all written down and was prepared to go toe to toe with Mark this time as I had the facts right in front of me. But when it came time to discuss the facts of the fireproofing in WTC, Mark decides to change the conversation to pictures of the fireproofing at the Deutsche Bank across Liberty St. And again, I kept saying, But Mark, let's talk about the NIST report and how THEY determined how the fireproofing came off the WTC steel. But he kept insisting on using the bank's steel. Well, I had prefaced my talk with this guy the same way I prefaced it with the couple before and I told the guy, see, he dancing around. I want to tell you about the WTC and he wants to talk about a building that is still standing. But the situation was getting to the point where this poor guy was getting tag teamed, so I cut him loose and told him that we were getting nowhere and I didn't want to cause him any more grief so I left him with Mark and gave him a flyer. That is how Mark operates. When you want to bring the facts out, he maneuvers you around to his way and then he has you. But I had Mark where I wanted him but the guy had that which-way-do-I-look-first look on his face and I wasn't going to give him any more problems so I just let Mark have him. No use harassing the guy.
The flyers were pretty much gone and 4 PM was rolling around when Mark started in on Ryan and they were arguing about the "massive conflagration" of WTC1. Mark doesn't seem to want to understand what black smoke means and that the fires were almost out in both buildings. I don't think they taught him that in his government schooling. At this point, I had decided to start videoing this conversation. I was getting some good shots when Luke decides to ask Mark about some of his signs on the construction wall. He pointed out a sign that says our group disparages the victims of 9/11. He started to walk away. Well, I chimed in, Ah, he's walking away. He went over to grab one of our poster boards, for what reason, I don't know. At that point, I chimed in, in a very loud voice, which you can hear clearly on the video, I lost 343 firefighter brothers. I used to be a dispatcher for the fire department, Mark. Then he decides that he wants to go to Station 10 on Liberty St with his camera and he says Let's go tell the firefighters that the government brought the buildings down. Like I'm going with him and his camera. He thinks, I'm stupid. Then my batteries on the camera go dead. I knew that they were going dead and I forgot and didn't change them and the video abruptly just stops right when it was getting good. Then the cops came over, of course because they heard my big mouth. I didn't see that sign before and I knew the meaning of disparage and it pissed me off when I heard Luke mention it and I just snapped. I have stated before in my blog that I sat like a zombie for a month in front of the tube after the collapses hoping that they would find firefighters alive in the rubble. I would cry and call my wife at work. She would get mad at me because I was calling 2 and 3 times a day when the news would say things about the people in Lower Manhattan and then another flag draped casket would come out. So I do not disparage any of the people in that sacred burial ground especially the 343. I am there to honor them and to find the truth so we can lock up the true terrorists, one day. And on that day, Mark will eat his words and I want to be there on that day. I will have to remember to laugh in his face about those videos that didn't show Flight 77 hitting the Pentagon. Damn, I forgot.
We wrapped it up with another team photograph from GZ which I hope will be posted on the website so I can put it up on my page. We headed for the deli for a little repast and some strategy talk for the future. Tomorrow is a 9/11 off Broadway play that some of the members will be attending. Les then thought about bringing some of the firefighters that are on the 9/11 truth side and bring them down to GZ when Mark is there to take up his challenge to me about going to Station 10 to tell them that we're not there to disparage the 343 firefighters that were murdered that day. Let's see how he would handle that because there was a firefighter that was there a while ago, I was told and I forger his name, my apologies to him, who took on Mr. Roberts and manhandled him very well. So I talked a little more with Les, Jack and Carol and slowly things broke up and I headed for the subway with Charlie and Randall. I honed my outreaching today and hope to go back in 2 weeks.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

December 2, 2006 Philadelphia PA

I want to thank Michael Galganski, Nick Carangi, Mark Peters and Nick Falcone for coming out today. We started out at the Constitution Center at 6th & Arch Sts. There was a Town Hall meeting with Senator John McCain. It was in conjunction with the Army-Navy game which was being held at Lincoln Financial Field at 2 PM. But we got skunked. They must have their own parking garage and an indoor entrance to it. We were wondering where everybody was because it was well past 11 AM and only one small group of about 30 people had come out. They came out in dribs and drabs from 1030 AM on but no big groups came out. Mark went inside to find out if the meeting was still going on. He came out and told us that Senator McCain had left a long ago and the Town Hall meeting was over. Of course, Senator McCain had to get to the Army-Navy game because they start the walk in around noon time and that takes awhile and then the game starts around 2 PM.

So undaunted, we headed out for The Gallery, running into Santa Claus making an early appearance at the Visitors Center at 6th & Market Sts. And not living in the city for a while has clouded my memory. The entrance to The Gallery is at 9th & Markets Sts not 11th & Market Sts as that is the Market East train station. So we set up shop at 9th St where the shoppers were. Much better. More people. We could spread out a bit and get the people in all directions. Later on, Nick C. got interviewed by a religious group that was there. They seem to have the same type of ideals as we do but theirs are with the bible. They say that there are lies and truths in the bible that they are trying to tell the people. They also quoted 9/11 truth and the governmental lies as well. So we lost Nick F to his job around noon. At 2 PM we lost Michael to his schooling. Nick C and I stayed until little after 2 PM when the flyers had run out. A successful outreach.

The following are some pictures I took.

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Michael, Nick Carangi, Nick Falcone & Mark Peters

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Nick C & Mark

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Nick C & Mark

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Nick C & Mark

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Nick Carangi being interviewed by church group

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Interview continues

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Michael Galganski

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Mark Peters

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Santa Says Right On

Monday, November 06, 2006

September 16, 2006

September 16, 2006 This was the Saturday after 9/11 and we were once again invaded by the opposition from The usual 3 were there, Abby, Mark and I forget the name of the third guy. I got into it with Mark and Abby on and off most of the day. My friend Joseph from San Francisco had decided to stick around for a while longer. He was taking quite a lot of pictures. And it just seemed like every time you'd get into a good discussion with someone, Mark or Abby would interrupt you with some of their "evidence" to the opposite. It went on all day. It got to the point where on several occasions I had to walk away because I was getting angry to the point where I felt like hitting Mark. But with my time learning with David Slesinger and his nonviolent teaching, I just walked away. One of the things that Mark had mentioned was that the Pentagon had released new footage of the "plane" that hit the Pentagon. It was the film from the Citgo station across the street from the Pentagon. Mark said that the film definitively showed the plane hitting the Pentagon. (After viewing the film, one shows the inside of the gas station and it's so bad you can't even distinguish the customers let alone the Pentagon. And the exterior film from the Pentagon that they released is and extension of the original film and what you see after a car goes by the camera is a small pencil thin white object. No plane, no wreckage, no Nothing) So the next time I see the opposition, I'm going to laugh in their faces.

But the last time I had to put off Mark was close to 4 PM when we leave. I had gotten into a rather deep discussion on the length of time the fires burned and the strength of the steel and that it was cut into equal segments and that there was a fire in Philadelphia that burned for 18 hours and the building did not collapse. And Mark kept coming up with pictures and other details that "seemed" to contradict what I was saying. But not being as well "schooled" as the opposition is, I was not coming back at him as fast as I could with answers and I felt like I was the settlers in their wagons being surrounded by the Indians. He had me dumbfounded and could not come back with an answer to the point where AGAIN I had to walk away because I wanted to hit him AGAIN. But this time, the crowd was laughing at me. I was so embarrassed. Here I was, knowing exactly what I had to say but he had barraged me with HIS answers that I had forgotten mine. I walked away feeling disgraced. I walked to Les and talked with him about it and he said don't worry about it. I said that I was going to go to 911myths and stuffy their website and the next time, I would be ready. I would study their "evidence" and work backwards. I would take what they learn and debunk what they use to try and debunk us so I can be ready the next time they come to Ground Zero and I'm there. (Added later. It turns out that Abby was only there to make a film about us to make us look stupid. She put it on YouTube. I forget the name of it right off.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

September 11, 2006

September 11, 2006 The 5th Anniversary. I woke up at 3 AM as I knew I wanted to get to Ground Zero early because I had told Les that I wanted to hold down our spot at Church & Fulton Sts because I thought there would be a lot of people there as it was the 5th Anniversary of 9/11. I was quite wrong. There weren't as many people as I thought, eventually. It looked like a normal day to me in Manhattan. But I got to GZ around 430 AM. I wanted to check out what the PD and the Secret Service was doing on how they were setting up barricades and blockades since President Bush was supposed to come there. But he crossed me up and had come down the day before when everybody went down and protested him then. The press was already there. Many of the trucks were all lined up along Church St and a whole bunch of cameras and reporters were herded into a small corral at Vesey St and were getting ready for the early shows. I had intended to walk around the outside of GZ, which I had never done, and try to visit the memorial wall at the firehouse of Engine 10 on Liberty St. They had taken down the regular signs that they usually had up on along the fence line and put up paintings dedicated to the people and the first responders of 9/11/2001. One of them was for the firefighters, which was near Vesey St. That one will come into play later. I walked along Church St and looked at many of the paintings and many of them had flowers stuck into the fence along the way and there was one person's face pictured all along the way down to Liberty St.

Once I got to Liberty St, the police officer would not allow me to walk down the street. I told him I wanted to walk around the outside of GZ. He said no one could do it now. Not until later. If I could have done so, I would have found the firehouse and this next incident never would have happened. I should have asked him where the firehouse was and it never would have happened. So instead of making that right, I turned left on Liberty St, in search of the firehouse to look at the memorial wall. I came to the intersection and waited for the light to change. When it did I walked across the street. The next thing I know, I'm on the ground, soaking wet. I had slipped on a patch of ice, which had rotten fruit in it. A patch of ice in September? It was like someone had dumped a bunch of fruit on the ground and the ice had frozen right there on the street. How it froze I'll never know because at that time it was not that cold. Well my entire left side was soaked from my left shoulder to my shoes and I skinned my right knee. I was covered in this slushy gunk with pieces of fruit in it. I found later on that I had a small crack in my cane as well. Now I had to recover all the stuff I was carrying which had scattered all over the street. Fortunately a nice young lady was there to help me. My signs escaped damage but my magazine and some papers got wet. My one soda bottle cracked in the bag and that's how they got wet, not from the ice like me. Now it seemed like the temperature had dropped. I was a little colder. Now what was I going to do. I had decided to go back to my hotel to change. But I had checked out but they were holding my luggage. Then I would have to change in a bathroom. The place I was staying in was one step up from a hostel and I wasn't sure if they would let me take a shower or even just change my clothes. And then I thought that it would probably take me at least 3 hours to do that. What to do…

I started to walk over Church St back to the subway station to go back to my hotel when I found a 24-hour deli. I bought a big bottle of water and a roll of paper towels and decided to take and impromptu "shower" at the corner of Church & Chambers Sts near the subway steps. So the flower guy and I had a conversation while I cleaned off the fruit and the slush off my clothes and shoes. I took off my shirt and hung it on the subway railing while I dried myself off as best I could and dried my shorts as best I could. So the flower guy and I struck up a fine conversation even though I don't think we really understood each other too much but I think he knew what had happened to me after I basically reenacted what happened to me. While I'm taking my "shower," it seemed like it was getting colder. But I shook it off as the water and the ice. But then again I was starting to expel visible breath. I thought, "Yeah, here we go. I'm gonna get pneumonia for sure!" So for his troubles, I bought a nice bunch of flowers from the guy. While I was cleaning up, I could see that painting of the firefighters in my mind.

After I was done cleaning up, I took off back to GZ. I had decided to take that bunch of flowers and put it into the fence next to the painting for the firefighters and take the sign I had made up that said "For the 343…" and put it next to it. Coincidentally, that painting was right in front of the press corral. In my madness, I thought for sure that the press had to see what I was doing and they would have to film it and maybe interview me. I had my Investigate 9/11 t-shirt on. I at least wanted them to shoot the sign because it had the 2 websites on it. That was more important; more than the interview. That would have been good but I was really hoping for the video of the sign more. I got to the painting and found I was having a hard time trying to tie the sign and the flowers to the fence. I could get the flowers into the fence but the sign was coming up short. But then I knew I had to tie to up an odd way and figured it out but I would need help. Fortunately again a nice lady was there to help me. I thought I heard the press behind me talking about it but not one of them came near me to talk to me or film me up close. After I was done, I stepped back and "admired" it for a few minutes and still no one came to ask me any questions. So I just went over to Fulton St and stood at our spot where we normally hold our outreaches on Saturdays. As I stood there, it seemed to be rather nice. There was no wind. It was a little chilly but nothing I couldn't handle. I had no jacket on but was in my Investigate 9/11 t-shirt and shorts. BUT, in a few short minutes, the wind came up and it changed from a nice warm day to Antarctica. I was freezing. And being still wet from the slush didn't help. But I endured.

While I was standing there, Con Edison held a short ceremony for the men that they lost on that day. It was short and sweet. They recited a few writings and poems and had someone sing a song and blow taps.

One by one, people started showing up. A guy from Las Vegas and another guy, I forget from where he was from and we started talking. More and more people started coming. One guy told us that we were supposed to meet at the park on Liberty St. I didn't know about that. I thought that we were meeting here as I had told Les and a lot of other people that I was going to get here early and sit on our usual spot. As the group got bigger, the provocateurs began to show up. An ex-firefighter started in on one of us and then on me. I told him that I was there for him today. I told him about the flowers and the sign that I had tied to the fence. I told him that I was an ex-fire dispatcher for the FDNY in New York. But he continued to scream and yell at us. He called us vile names and cursed at us. At one point he even said that he wished that we were in the towers when they collapsed. I went back at him and told him again that I was here for him today and we were here for the truth. At that point one of our group tells me that we were not supposed to start any confrontations and that we should walk away. That's when I said that I wasn't starting anything, I was just talking to him and I wasn't leaving because I was holding down our spot. I then said that he was trying to start the confrontation as the provocateur and that he was doing exactly what he wanted by breaking us up. I said that we should stay together as a group and not split up. Well, this guy from our group decides to break us up and he took quite a lot of the large group that had formed, much to my dismay, away to another section of ground Zero.

At this point after the conversation with the firefighter, a young female reporter from the Philippines asked me if she could interview me. This would be my first on camera interview. I was quite nervous because I was afraid that I would stutter. I have been a stutterer all my life and when I get nervous I tend to lock up and stutter sometimes. But I did better than I thought. I just answered her questions as best I could and we went on for what seemed a long time for me. I gave her my email address. She said she was based in Philadelphia, my hometown and that she would get back to me. Unfortunately, she has not done so at this time so I don't know if I will ever see that interview. At that point, Harvey Newman came by and told me that we were supposed to meet at the park. I didn't know about, like I said earlier, since I had left the Cooper Union early the night before when it was announced to meet at the park. I would have liked a phone call or something to tell me this. I wasn't aware that the guys from Loose Change or Alex Jones were in charge of the New York events. But I eventually understood the reasoning for meeting in the park but not for the reason that we did meet there but for a totally different reason that I will get to.

So we all left GZ and proceeded over the park where several hundred people were already there. Alex Jones and the Loose Change guys were rallying the troops and they were getting ready to hand out the DVDs and t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts. I wasn't into doing that. After what had happened last night with Jason and Dylan, I was not going to help them. So I just walked around and talked with the people I knew. I met up with my fellow PA911visibility group members Wendi and Jon and talked with them for a while. I met up with my new friend Joseph from San Francisco. I spoke with a few more of the group and then it came time for the reading of the names and the ceremonies to start.

They started to ring a series of bells that were lined up along Liberty St near the park where we were all standing. They alternated between these bells and the bells on the fire trucks that were also lined up. I thought that maybe I would go a little crazy hearing these bells all day long. My friend from Tampa FL, Mia Hamel eased my mind a bit about the bells. She is a good person to talk to sometimes. Sometimes she's tough to listen to but sometimes she is a soother. She told me to just not to worry about it and think about being with our friends here in the park. Good advice. As the time passed, they became just another sound during the day. The cars and trucks going by, the people talking and in the background you heard all day the names being announced over the PA plus the bells. Then all of a sudden, the nice tone of the bells that was being rung by the firefighters and the religious brothers was changed to an obnoxious clanging. There was a guy, not a firefighter, just an ordinary person from the street ringing the bell. He was ringing that bell like it was his last day on earth. And we were no more than about 20 feet from it. WOW!!! They had started to allow people on the street to ring the bells after all the moments of silence were done from when the planes hit the towers, the Pentagon and in Shanksville.

After a few people took their turns, I turned to Mia and I said, "Do you think the firefighter will let me ring the bell with this t-shirt on?" She said, "Why not? Go ahead. I'll take a picture and we'll spread it around." So I took my turn. It looked like they were only letting people ring it a few times. One guy rang it about 10 times. But I had something in mind. I rang it 5 times and paused, 5 times and paused and I think he was going to stop me after 10 but I rang it 5 more times and stopped. I then think he knew what I was doing. I said to him, "3 fives, right?" He said, "That's right." You see, like I've said before I am an ex-dispatcher for the FDNY and also for the Philadelphia Fire Depts. So I knew that 5-5-5 on the station bells is what you ring for a death of a firefighter on duty. It's called Calling a Firefighter Home by some cities. After that I came back to him and told him that I was dispatcher 293 from the FDNY and shook his hand. He smiled but I don't think he was too thrilled about the shirt. Mia had taken a few pictures. I will try to upload them to the blog if I can. They are a little large and I am not that well versed on how to make them smaller. I will try though.

I was getting quite tired from all the standing. I have diabetic neuropathy in my feet. It is a constant stinging and pressure pain in my feet. I take 3 medications just to take away the pain and all it does is just dull the pain. And standing doesn't do it any good. So I sat down for a while and read my Global Outlook for a while. Then they were calling for a silent march to Ground Zero. I was also under the impression that we weren't going to do that as well because we weren't going to go to Ground Zero with any banners or signs, at least that's what I had heard at some of the planning meetings I attended. (And I had even brought signs myself, DUH) Of course I did not go to them all but that is what I had heard and read. But I was wrong. We held a silent march to GZ with a police escort. I did not carry my other sign as it was not appropriate for this march. It was aimed at Bush who wasn't even there. Many people had their video cameras out so we were covered. Rodney Lewis and I walked from the front of the line all the way to the back of the very long line as he videoed the entire line. I then decided that I had been doing too much standing and walking so I went back up to the front of the line and would walk from there. We walked up to Fulton St and turned around and walked back. A lot of the way during the march was camouflaged by a row of buses. I walked by myself, thinking about what had happened on 9/11. About that I was getting ready for my gastric bypass surgery, weighing 412 pounds and that I was supposed to be getting my mind ready for the fact that I might die on the table and here I was sitting like a zombie in front of the TV, hoping that some of those 343 firefighters would be pulled out of that rubble. When we got to the turn, I was hoping I could see if my sign and flowers were still on the fence. I thought maybe someone from the opposition would pull down my sign since it had and on my "For the 343…" on it already. Nope, it was still hanging proudly with the flowers next to the painting. At GZ, there was someone holding a big red banner. At the time I thought it was another truth group that had bad mouthed our New York group for not being at Ground Zero the years before. But when I saw the banner and during the march, and after remembering the firefighter confrontation in the morning, I realized why we met at the park, maybe not for what Loose Change and Alex Jones wanted but for what Les Jamieson probably wanted and why they had done it for in years past. GZ is a burial ground and on 9/11, it's a burial ground and should be treated as such. That is what we had said all along that it was to be treated as such. No chanting, no shouting, no banners, no outreaching, no nothing during the ceremonies. Now I understood. So whoever (I didn't know at the time that he was one of us) didn't get the word or it didn't sink in. But when I found out who it was, he was going to do it anyway. And it caused a problem later on. And that was why we weren't supposed to be there like that which is why the banners and some of the signs in the march, I feel were inappropriate, even though we weren't technically at Ground Zero. But it wasn't my place to say.

After the march, I hooked up with my friend Dan Nalven. We've become pretty good friends since we first met my first day at Ground Zero. We walked around and spoke to a few people. He introduced me officially to Jack Gordon who I actually knew by face and name through the Blogger Brigade but never put the two together. We spoke for quite a while and spoke with passers by. It was into outreach mode for a while. We didn't have much literature though to hand out. That was tough. It would have been nice but you can't have literature there as well as DVDs and t-shirts. (Sarcastically) After that Dan and I decided to head to Burger King for a bite to eat. The worst thing was getting upstairs to eat with the brace on my knee and my cane, it is tough for me to navigate steps. But I endured and up we went. It felt good to relax and talk with Dan. We can talk to each other. Exchange good ideas and what we felt went well and what went wrong today. I told him about this morning and that I looked like a mildewed fruit basket and the interview, the firefighter and the small problem with the group member that broke up our group of black shirted members. The march, the DVDs, no literature, the bullhorn (That comes later). They had the people calling out the names on their TV sets upstairs in the Burger King. We stayed upstairs for quite a while as it felt quite good just to sit and relax as I had been standing and walking with only a short respite of sitting for only a few minutes since 330 AM and it was around noon. We both agreed that we were tired and were done with Alex Jones and Loose Change and were going back to St Mark's to help with the food preparation. We would miss the march to Eliot Spitzer's office and to 1 Police Plaza.

When we left we came down to the street when we were confronted by 4 gentlemen, one of whom pointed at me and said, "What does that shirt mean?" I said to him that we wanted to find the real truth about what happened on 9/11 and that we wanted a new independent investigation to answer the many unanswered questions and omissions from the original Kean 9/11 Commission. Dan talked with 2 of the other 3 and I was with the gentleman that pointed at me. It seems that the 4 were brothers that all had lost brothers on 9/11/2001. But to their credit, they did not yell at us like many others do, they talked to us, listened to us and tried to understand. But for the first time, they asked me if I thought that President Clinton was responsible for 9/11. I said that for the first time in the 4 months that I have been coming to GZ for outreaches, that he was the first person to ask me that and that it was pretty funny that it was the day after the first chapter of the ABC show The Path to 9/11. So I said to him that I had never seen in my research anything about President Clinton being responsible and that I would look into it since it has been brought out all of a sudden. But I said to him that at this point, I had seen no evidence that President Clinton had anything to do with what had happened that day. The six of us continued to talk for quite a while. I was quite impressed with the 4 men as they did not once act like they were angry with the two of us at all. They shook our hands when they left and thanked us for the conversation. I even think they were even looking to try and get one of our t-shirts. Dan had brought up the point that Condoleezza Rice had made the statement that "How could we know that they would use planes as weapons?" and Dan used the point that the Japanese did it as kamikaze pilots during World War 2. They understood that. I used my usual about the 425,000 cubic yards of concrete turning to dust and the perfectly sliced center steel cores by controlled demolition. So we were quite impressed that these 4 gentlemen who had lost brothers that day were really interested in listening to us; more than a lot of people that probably had nothing to do with anything that day other than that they are robots to the propaganda that's spun to the them by the mainstream media from the Bush administration.

We walked towards GZ to head back to St Mark's when a group of the people in the park were walking down Liberty St saying that some big shot (I again forget who it was. That's what I get for not doing this sooner) was doing a press conference at some building there. So we walked down and it turned out that he was already gone. So while we walked back, Dan knows that a couple of our New York members, Janette MacKinlay & Jim Lecce live in an apartment there and as we walked back up the slight hill that Liberty St is, Janette was looking out her window watching the show that the day was. We waved up at her and she spotted Dan and she waved us up. So I got to see the hole from up high for the first time. Actually, it's no big deal. It's a hole. But it's just the idea that it's, the hole. And I got to see Janette's scrapbook of how her apartment looked before, during and after 9/11. To be in an apartment that close to the towers and up that high, to see down on the site was stirring to me. It hit me for a moment. I have a minor vertigo problem so I had to stand a little bit back from the window because it was open without a screen and I always have this weird notion that I will lose my glasses out an open window. Weird, I know! But just seeing the vast amount of openness on the acreage of devastation across the street from her brought back those memories for an instant. So we had a short talk about the day's events and then we were joined by Gabriel Day. After some more rousing discussion of the day and the movement, Dan and I headed out to go to St Mark's.

We went out the back of their building so we went to see the Firefighter's Memorial Wall on the side of Engine 10, which was right there. That is where I was trying to get to in the morning when I fell when the policeman wouldn't let me go down Liberty St in the morning. Once again I had to stop and reflect. I had seen this on the FX network TV show Rescue Me that is about the FDNY firefighters so I know I had to come and see it for myself. After that, we headed for the subway station. We could hear from there a large amount of voices in the distance coming from the area around the PATH station at Fulton St. The closer we got, the better you could hear, "9/11 was an inside job." By the time we got there, Alex Jones was standing across the street by the cemetery yelling into the bullhorn I mentioned a while back. While we were watching a little bit, a little problem arose in the area. A minor confrontation between several people arose and they had to be separated. Dan and I got out of there. We weren't in the mood for confrontations. So we walked to the subway station to catch the 6 train to Astor Place to St Mark's. I used to live in New York when I was the fire dispatcher but I had never ridden the subway. So now that I spend more time in Manhattan I am getting a little more acclimated to the different routs. Plus some research that Les had me do has helped me a little bit. I'm not well versed on the buses yet as my little mishap on Sunday getting on the right bus in the wrong direction getting back to my hotel. But I'm getting better with the subway routes. We got off the train and hoofed it the rest of the way to the church. And since it has taken me so long to finish my blog on 9/11, I have forgotten the lady's name that was there already starting to cook. (I'm so sorry I forgot your name.) So we asked what we could do. Dan promptly went to work doing some heavier work as I can't do that kind of thing with my disability. So I asked to be put to work in the kitchen. I washed a few dishes and vases for the table until the other lady that does the main cooking came (I must apologize again as I do not remember her name as well. I am so bad anymore remembering names of people I do not see that often.) When she got there, she divided up the jobs and I got to cut up the chickens onto platters. That was a very long chore to do. And I do mean long as I had to do 2 different kinds. And then we fixed up some more meat platters while the truthers slowly started to arrive. They were all eating and listening to speakers while we were fixing up the chow in the back. I felt good staying in the kitchen. Like I said about staying at the door Sunday night while the others were on stage, I am new to the New York group and I'm not into this for any praise or recognition. I think there are several people that are in it for the recognition and want their faces on TV and video and even when they called the kitchen help out for a round of applause, I stayed in the back cleaning up.

I came out front to listen to some of the people who were talking after I was done cleaning up a bit. I was really getting quite tired and I had to go back to my hotel yet and get my luggage and take the train home and still had to drive from the train station home. I also had to walk from St Mark's to the hotel and from the hotel to Union Square so I knew I was in for a long night still and I had been standing on my feet for quite a long time as it was so I had to leave. I made my peace with a few people that were available. I had to say good-bye to the people that I would not see for a while. Mia Hamel got a hug. I thanked her for all her conversation at the door on Sunday night and at the park that day and to good-bye to Gabriel Day and Eric Williams from Boston who was right there as well. I said goodbye to Joseph from San Francisco who I'd probably not see again. And I said goodbye to whomever was nearby from the group and whoever was near that I knew. I called my wife and told her I was on the way home. So like I said I walked to my hotel, which really wasn't that far from the church. They let me change my clothes from the fruit and slush stained clothes I was wearing to the extra t-shirt I had happened to bring and a pair of jeans I had brought in case the weather had turned cold, which it really ha that morning. So I was a little more comfortable for the walk to Union Square, the subway and walk to Penn Station and the ride to Trenton and my drive back to my house in Blackwood NJ.

What did I get out the weekend? I now know that we should never dishonor the ground on 9/11. I agree with most people that for one day out of the year we should stay away. Let it rest for ONE day. Go to the park. Use the bullhorn there. There were enough people passing through that park that we could have passed out literature and did outreaches instead of standing around like we did most of the day. Shouting at Ground Zero on 9/11 is, in my opinion (Don't get all bent out of shape now) wrong. On Saturdays when I go up to New York, I enjoy what I do. When the people yell at me or curse at me and tell me to Get a Life or Go to Hell or Do Things to Myself, it doesn't bother me but when I see the Google Videos of what happened that day at Ground Zero itself and what had happened to me with that firefighter that morning after I was told we were supposed to meet in the park, I had wished I had gone right to the park so I didn't have to have had that problem with him now. And I wouldn't have had that on camera interview either. So what. I also found out that some people need to step back and learn where they started. Just because they did a movie doesn't mean they can act like immature little boys. People bow down to them like they are gods and it has gone to their heads and they take it out on others that don't jump when they snap their fingers. And I'm not the only one that noticed it over the weekend but I may be the only one that is putting it into print form. And it just seemed too much like Alex Jones & the Loose Change gang were running rough shod over the events of the weekend. Again, just my humble opinion. I don't remember them being at any of the planning meetings. There were too many others that worked too hard. Maybe I'm overstating things. It's just my opinion. Again, I'm new to the group and I did not go to all the planning meetings and I stopped going because I found I could not adequately do anything too well from here, not being from New York. But meeting many of the people I had just been emailing was a great joy and just being with some of the people I work with at Ground Zero was great since I only get to see them on a semi-regular basis and I got to see them for a whole weekend. If I miss anybody, I am sorry. Les, Tom, Charlie, Frank, Ryan, Luke, Charlie, Harvey (Thank for the song again), Carol, Sherry (You slave driver you), Rodney, Bob, Jack, Janette, Andy, Brian (Thanks for giving back my cell phone), Gene, Scott the photographer, Diane, and there are so many others in the New York group that I have probably forgotten. I know your faces when I come to GZ but forget your names. I'll get to remember them the more I come up. And I can't forget Wendi & Jon my new friends in my home group from Philadelphia. They came up and spent some time with me as well in the park before they went off scouting around. Jon is a major player in the movement. He does a man on the street type interview and then puts them on the Internet. He also does very many blogs about many different topics. We are in the early stages of forming a new 9/11-truth group in the Philadelphia area and hope to get it going into the outreach area soon. So thanks to everybody that I met and talked to over the weekend and thanks for waiting so long for my to get this into my blog.

September 10, 2006

September 10,2006 I couldn't spend the entire weekend in New York because yesterday was my birthday. So my wife and I went to the movies and went to dinner. There was no way I was going to be in New York and leave her home alone on my birthday. She is not really that thrilled that I am involved with in this venture in my life but she tolerates it but being in New York on my birthday with her sitting alone, she would have really have given me a major guilt trip. But we had a great time.

So I took the train up from Trenton and went to check to see if someone had turned in my lost hat from Friday. I don't think I'll ever see that hat again. I got to my hotel early and stored my luggage. Then I took the bus to the Cooper Union and got there early enough to see Eric Williams again as he was setting up his table. I then was fortunate enough to get to meet Jim Fetzer and Kevin Barrett but only got to shake their hands as they promptly went into to hall. I really would have liked to talk to Kevin Barrett as I had emailed him a few times when I was helping David Slesinger set up but I missed the chance. One by one the group started coming in so we started setting up. Sherry and I and few others went upstairs to start to get the ticket selling area and t-shirt tables set up. Then we were going to get the shirts set up on the tables and in size orders. The group from Loose Change was there as well with their t-shirts and was a little pushy in my estimation. They need a little back step and need to remember where they started. A little stardom has gone to their heads. They need to know how to talk to people that are a little older than they are and to know that maybe we know a little more than them sometimes. Their boxes may have been marked with the sizes of their t-shirts but our t-shirts were put out on Friday night and may not have been repacked in the original boxes. So when we were putting out the t-shirts they just put the t-shirts in the piles that whatever the box said, not looking at the t-shirt tag. I had made a mention that you should check the t-shirts in our boxes to make sure that they had the right t-shirt tag. But then again, they put out most of their t-shirts anyway. Later on that evening, we had found several times, t-shirts of different sizes mixed in with different sizes in the wrong piles and from the wrong boxes. So I knew what I was saying but then I was wrong saying what I had said to the younger crowd earlier in the day. I then met up with my ticket selling friend from Friday night, Diane, whose name I had forgotten, (Sorry Diane). She helped out with the t-shirts. Sherry got a little intense while we were setting things up but later on in the evening, she knew what she was doing. 8) She came to me later and admitted he was intense. We had a group hug and I knew she is always a little intense. She packs a lot of energy in that short frame of hers. A little dynamo. But we got it set up and done with a lot of help from Dan, Gordon and the guys from Loose Change and some other young guys from the group who I do not know (Sorry guys).

So, as on Friday night I volunteered to work the door and sell the tickets. As fate would happen, I was paired up with my email friend Mia Hamel from Tampa FL. She was the one I had also been working with on for a while and we talked about getting together at the weekend. Les had sent Mia up to the door to work the tickets. Nice irony. She was part of David Slesinger's plan to use nonviolent civil disobedience at the opening of Oliver Stone's movie World Trade Center. So Mia worked the Internet prepaid tickets and I did the cash sales. Diane ended up doing the t-shirts after she had helped set them up. She got help a while from Gordon when the ticket sales were brisk in the beginning. I stayed upstairs while the others traded off and took breaks to go downstairs and watch the speakers. I was in dire need most the day for change. I needed ones a lot and then fives and tens as most people came in from the ATM with $20 for a $12 donation and fives and ones went fast. So then I would ask for 2 ones and give them a ten back so then the tens would go. So it was a challenge to balance out the change. By the end of the night it basically worked out. I had to charge different prices at times to keep that change balance but it worked out. There was one other significant problem that raised its rather ugly head. One of the other Loose Change gentlemen approached me while I was selling tickets. He patiently allowed me to continue to sell tickets. I knew who he was as I recognize him from his pictures and that he had spoken at the church Friday night. He also is one of my friends on my myspace page. After I was done selling tickets, he says to me without mentioning names, "Les Jamieson told me I can have 2 tickets and I'm not paying for them" in a tone that was quite indignant and surly. Now for a kid in his early 20s talking to a man in his mid 50s…if I would have talked like that to my father, he would have hauled off and …have been put in jail if it would have been today. Because that was the way things were in those days. I know, I know, it's not then but like I said before, these young gentlemen need to step back and remember where they were a few years back. Mired in a small hick town, delivering pizzas, doing tours in Iraq and doing what? So they made a big splash in the movement with a video and now they're big shots but you don't talk to people, especially older people like they're nothing. I may only be starting out in the movement but I have just as much right to be treated like a human being than anybody else. The next time, and I really hope there is no next time, he gets dressed down a few pegs. I chose not to do it then because there were too many people standing there and decided against it at the time. Frank Morales came upstairs to say that Les wanted everybody from the group onstage to get accolades from the crowd for a job well done. Someone had to stay at the door to sell tickets to the people coming in so I decided to stay there and allowed all the others to go downstairs. I am new to the group and don't get up to New York as much as all of the others in the group so it was not as much a big deal for me. Later on Bruce came up to sit with me at the ticket table and he did me a favor by going out at dinner break to get me some change a few times.

After dinner ticket sales became brisk as they came to see Alex Jones, Loose Change-The Final Cut and especially the rap star Immortal Technique. At one point I was asked not to turn anyone away because the star had sent out 100,00 emails saying he would be giving this concert. But I had forgotten about the city fire codes and maximum capacity rules and was later reminded as ticket sales were dwindling that I couldn't over sell more than what was printed. Fortunately my friends from my Philadelphia group, Wendi Polinow and Jon Gold from The had come earlier in the day. (They had called to see if they could share my room at the hotel since they were coming up for the night and coming to Ground Zero. I would have but my hotel was one step up from a hostel. They could have stayed on the floor but it had no carpets on them and it was quite small but they never would have gotten passed the clerk at the front desk. It was way too small. He was right there as you walked in and there was no big lobby or foyer to sneak passed.) Harvey Newman from the Circle of Life Ministry, a great friend of the group and an activist came by and I asked him to get me a SOLD OUT sign ASAP as I was running out of tickets quickly and I had told a few people that I wasn't turning anyone away so I hope that they didn't have any problems later that evening. And eventually I did run out of tickets. I went downstairs afterwards to try and say good night to some people as I was heading back to the hotel for an early AM call but most of them were onstage or in the crowd it seemed. I said good by to whomever was in the back and took the bus back to the hotel and officially checked in, called my wife and relaxed before I went to bed before getting up for an early AM awakening. I had told Les that I would head to Ground Zero to hold down our spot there at Church & Fulton Sts around 4 AM and to look over the area to check on the police and Secret Service because Bush was supposed to be there that morning. But Bush went the day before. But I was in for a rude awakening the next day and for quite a bad start to the day. More to come.

September 8, 2006

September 8, 2006 Today was the first day of the 9/11 weekend events. It didn't start off to well as I left my best black hat on the train. DUH, the train was quite packed being a Friday and an important weekend and I had put my stuff on the floor. When I reached down to get my gear, the hat must had slipped of and gone under the seat and I just zoned out. I will have to go to lost & found when I go home tonight. See later on in this piece. I came to St Mark's Church in the Village at 10th St and 2nd Ave to attend the first day of the 9/11 Breakthrough Weekend, Four Years of Lies, Four Days of Truth. I got to the church around 3 PM to meet up with Frank Morales, one of the leaders of the New York group and Harvey Newman, a minister of a group in another ministry in Manhattan to do some posters and other work to set up for the speeches for that evening. Harvey was kind enough to sing a birthday song that he had written. I was thrilled. He is a good singer. Several other people that I was meeting for the first time came and we sat around and talked shop as usual like good 9/11 truthers do until we got a good amount of people to do the work showed up and we split up into teams; the poster group and the chair setting up group. I'm not that good with hand drawing so I helped setting up the chairs with Frank, Sherry and Noah. Sherry decided to balance out the chairs when we ran out so that the room looked even. We took away chairs from one side and balanced them out to make it look even. She did a great job with it. We put up the banner and Frank did the podium and PA system while Eric from Boston put up his shirts and books on his table. Les showed up with his stuff and more people from the group started to show up and we started to set up our table with our t-shirts, books and buttons, etc. Gabriel Day from California came as well with his supplies on his table. I also met a guy from the SF 9/11 truth group. I have forgotten his name off the top of my head and I also apologize to him as well if you read this. I also met Kyle Hence who was there to sell his new movie 9/11: Press for Truth. If I remember these names, I will be sure to add them to this blog.

It got close to show time when Les asked for volunteers for the door and no one chimed in. A lady, whose name escapes me at the moment, I apologize if you read this, said she would do it and then I said to Les that I would help her out. They said that Charlie usually handles the door but he was not there tonight. So the two of us would handle the door. I took the money and she handled the flyer. Turnout was light in the beginning as it usually is. But the closer we got to 7 PM and the start, man did we get busy. I ran out of ones so many times, it was CRAZY. But of course, we let a lot of people in that can't afford the donation or that don't have the full price and seniors I let in for lower donation. But then it got to a point when I wasn't letting people stand in the lobby. Someone asked me why I was giving people a hard time for standing in the lobby and I said if they don't pay they couldn't come in. All they had to say was they didn't have the money but they didn't say that to me. They gave me a hard time so I didn't let them in. Then one guy really started screaming about it and Frank came to me and said to stop charging and let anyone that wanted to, that they could listen if they wanted to. Well, no one ever told me that I could do that or I would have let the guy that was screaming about it, in without a problem. But later I talked with Frank about it and he said to me did you see how many people volunteered when Les asked who wants to work the door? That's why Charlie usually works the door because he knows how to work it because no one else likes to work it. I said, if someone would have said to stop charging at a certain time, I would have and then allowed people to stand in the lobby. So now I know that point and will now strive to do that in the future. I have been a ticket agent for Amtrak so I have handled money and passengers of all kind good and bad in the past and knowledge of customer service is in my past so I am fairly good at it and that is why I offered my services. The lady I worked with at the door said she was surprised how good I was at knowing the faces of the people that would go out to the bathrooms and letting them back in. It takes practice. I missed a few. I know I let a few in in the beginning without paying but it wasn't too many. But we had a PACKED house. Now I can't speak for what most of the speakers said because of my attention to the door but we had a power packed lineup.

We led off with a nice short speech from Frank Morales who then introduced Elaine Brower who has a son in Iraq. Then Les Jamieson gave a short speech and he introduced Alfons Olzsewski from 9/11 vets for Truth. Then Luke Rudkowski was introduced and he gave a short introduction to the next speaker who got a rousing standing ovation, Korey Rowe, the producer of Loose Change 2. Korey gave a short speech and shoed a short video but I believe there was a minor problem with it. I'm not sure because I was still letting people in. The lights went out and came back on while I was still bringing people in and then he gave a speech, fumbling once, getting applause. But continuing on getting quite a bit of applause along the way. After Korey's speech, Les introduced Ron another member of the group and he gave an introduction to the main speaker of the evening, Ralph Schoenman and his speech entitled 9/11 and the US-Israeli Master Plan for the Middle East. Ralph got a major stating ovation. He is a major player in the movement and gave a good speech but lost a bit of his audience.

I wore my new Investigate 9/11 t-shirt back to the station, proudly. When I got off the elevator at Greeley Park I almost got into an argument with a gentlemen who disagreed with the t-shirt but fortunately my wife had left me a voice mail I had to answer. I would not have argued with him but I would have had a nice discussion with him but the phone call took precedence. I had decided to leave a little early so maybe I could get back to Penn Station to see if a kind-hearted car cleaner had turned my hat into Lost & Found. I got to Customer Service at Penn Station at 955 PM by my cell phone and the door said they closed at 10 PM and the door was locked. So I will have to wait until Sunday when I arrive back in New York to see if it is there. So I made it just in time to get on the elevator to get down to the train to try and beat the horde to the train. I fortunately got a seat on the very crowded train. I got to talking to the young man sitting next to me. He saw the shirt and the magazine I was reading, a Global Outlook that I had bought at the church. But we started talking 2 stops before he was getting off so we couldn't get too much into the movement but I got enough of the money & politics into his head for him to Google it and to watch Loose Change. I love it when the students listen to you and ask questions and don't make you look like a fool or ask stupid questions or make fun of you. That I enjoy a lot. Makes me feel good inside. So besides losing my hat, I gained my new t-shirts, one I bought for a spare and my new reading material which I will study on the train when I go back this coming Sunday to finish up the weekend. I will be there on Sunday at Cooper Union all day and on Monday at Ground Zero, then parading and then finishing up back at St Mark's. More to come on that.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

August 19, 2006

Another fabulous day at Ground Zero today. I was very fortunate today as I was proudly holding the NY911truth banner "911 Was an Inside Job" banner, I was approached by a gentleman who said that he was proud that we were doing such a great job. Then he said that he was from the Presbyterian Church and they were getting heat for publishing David Ray Griffin's book. Then I said well were happy that you did. It turns out that he was one of the group that actually did publish the book. I just thought that he just a Presbyterian that was proud that they did publish it. I talked with him for a while and as he was getting ready to leave, Les Jamieson happened to walk into the area and I pointed the gentleman to Les and they exchanged business cards. They talked a bit and the man gave Les the head guys name that published the book and Les is going to try and get him on the radio on WBAI with Les sometime in the future. I tell you, it gets better every time I go to GZ. I love it. It is so much fun when you tell somebody about the TRUTH and they turn their head and they say, "I didn't know that." Then they take the flyer and/or a DVD and they say they will go home and look it up on their computer.

Les had put the call out for the troops to come because the opposition, has been coming on strong lately, talking us down, putting up posters like "False" behind us while we talk and there's my favorite "Evidence, We Don't Need No Stinkin' Evidence." Clearly just trying to suppress our evidence, as all they do is yell us down and tell everybody that our evidence is false. One of our ladies was slapped last week and the police did nothing about it. So this week the troops were out. We had 23 truthers; a new record and they came out with a measly 2. Plus we had a lawyer from the Lawyers Guild watching over the situation for us. She came into play as soon as the opposition started her attacks. What the lawyer said or did I personally do not know but I went toe to toe with both of them for a while but when you talk to concrete long enough, you stop. I learned that a few weeks ago and David Slesinger has rubbed off on me a little bit as well. He has taught me a few things in the small amount of time I have been associated with him. So I put his teachings in effect as well today. I walked away before it got heated. Didn't need any problems. We're not there for that.

I had three young ladies from Afghanistan today. I was very surprised that they were very much into 911 truth. They told me that when they travel in Europe that they find many, many Europeans are actually into 911 truth and understand our side, especially in Germany one of them said. We talked for quite a while. She had many questions. I told them about the oil in the Caspian Sea and the pipeline for Unicol and that the FBI had closed down the OBL office and if OBL didn't do it, why did we invade her country? She looked at me kind of funny. I don't think she knew about that. They took a DVD from the gentleman with me, I do not remember all their names, there are so many in the group I know faces but not their names (sorry guys), and several of our flyers and said that they would go back to Brooklyn tonight and watch the videos and go online. I find the foreign students the best believers at GZ. They have the most questions and are the most polite. We talk mostly to the out of towners as the New Yorkers are so used to us being there, they just walk on by or are our best supporters. I had a New Yorker today who was talking to me as a supporter but in such a round about way that I thought she was telling me that I was wrong about what I was doing but actually she was a supporter but it was such a ring around the rosie. Whew but she eventually got to thanking me and for what we were doing.

So that's a short synopsis of our day at Ground Zero today. We went to have something to eat as a group and as usual, we talked shop. I had an in-depth discussion about the so-called Hologram theory at WTC1 and about the Naudet Brothers how and why they have fallen off the face of the Earth suddenly, only their lawyer has surfaced to sue Dylan Avery. I have seen a website that is trying to hunt them down. They question why they weren't brought to the 9/11 Commission either and that now there is a lot of stuff about their film being staged. There's a long article on the Serendipity website about it. One thing I learned today that an Air Force officer had some pilots try in a simulator to crash Flight 175 into WTC2 at the speed it did and at the angle that it did. Not one of the pilots could do it. Good stuff. You learn the more you talk with the people that have been doing this for years. I'm still a beginner really. But I'm still studying. So we ended with a short discussion of plans for 9/11 on the corner. Remember 8 AM, Ground Zero, New York City, Black T-Shirt, Investigate 9/11 or similar type wording or if you don't have that just a black t-shirt for solidarity. BE THERE!!!

August 13, 2006

Today was the first time I leafleted with the newly organized PA911visibility group. Wendi, Jon and I went to the Anthony Wayne theater in Wayne PA to do the 4 PM showing of World Trade Center. It was such a nice day out, that not very many people went to the movies. We did get many of the people that came out of the 1 PM showing and all of the people going to the other movies and the people walking along the very small sidewalks of the small town. I mention small town because we were beginning to see the same people so often that we were actually telling each other that "Oh I got them" when they walked from the other direction. Jon does a great job with the people. He carries a video camera with him and tries to get everyday people to get their thoughts on camera and then put them on his Internet bulletin board. He did get a couple of young men to volunteer their time to make a short video. It was a beautiful day so it was a slow day for movie going so we mostly talked and walked up and down. Jon went up and into a cafe to hunt down people. We stopped shortly after the 4 PM show ticketing was over and went to the Cold Stone Creamery for a bite of ice cream, which Wendi was nice enough to pay for. I have been wanting to go to one of these franchise stores ever since an acquaintance of mine in the table top baseball game world was given a store in Springfield IL. I promised him I would. It was very good ice cream. The three of us discussed future plans for the group as well as what we were going to put into the flyer that we were going to use for our future outreaches. I hope to continue to leaflet this movie for as long as it is in the theaters. Hopefully I can get some people for next Saturday and Sunday.

August 11, 2006

We had a double day today. We held a leafleting outreach today at the opening of Oliver Stone's movie World Trade Center at the AMC Loews Kips Bay Theater at 31st St & 2nd Ave. Channel 11 interviewed Les while we held our poster boards for the cameras. They took some shots of the 2 of us holding them for a few minutes. Fox was there also. I had asked them to wait a few minutes as Les was in traffic. So when he got there Channel 11 beat Fox to the interview so Fox, as usual ran away from the story. Les, Tom, Ryan and several new people that I had never before were there. We spread out and covered the areas with a new leaflet that Les had made up. So we covered the 5 PM show and broke for dinner and had some great conversation. We went back for the 7 PM show. We ended with a rousing outreach with 2 gentlemen, 1 African American gentleman in particular that I think we convinced to really do a little more research. But Les said that we sort of tag team him too much. We have to be a little more subdued when it's 5 on 2. After that we went on to St Mark's for the planning meeting. The list of events for the 4 days was fine tuned a little more. Speakers were shifted around and the premiere of Loose Change 3 was moved to Saturday the 10th. The call to rally at 8 AM on the 11th in black t-shirts was called for and I am going to ask as many 9/11 websites to post it for us. The use of a bullhorn was asked about. Some wanted to use it at Ground Zero others did not. It was decided to only use it for the march to the city offices and Police Plaza to keep all the people in line and so they know where we are going. A permit is needed for that. I volunteered to get it but was overturned by a woman who decided because I was not from New York that I shouldn't be allowed to get it. Oh well. So I have decided not to go to any more planning meetings because I am wasting my time going to New York because I cannot do anything because I do not live in the New York area. So I will do what I can do from my computer and go up when action is needed. I will go up when postering will be done and when we outreach at Columbia University on 9/5-6. Then I will return for 9/8, 10 and 11 when I will return on the 11th very early in the AM to be the logistics man and sit on OUR spot to reserve it and to see what the NYPD will be doing at GZ with the stanchions and their positioning. With this new phony terror raising, the NYPD will be out in force. We knew it would be raised because they had to do something because they knew all these people would be flying into JFK and LaGuardia and Newark just before 9/11 so they could cavity search anybody that looks like an activist or is a known activist. So I will be the early front man like I usually do when I go up there.

August 5, 2006

Today was my greatest day at Ground Zero. Today we had a news crew from Finland spend a few hours doing a news documentary on us. I was there early as usual so I got to talk with them first and keep them company until Les Jameison got there with the flyers and the posters. Les is the group lead of and is my mentor and good friend and with out a doubt the best orator of the group. I am in awe when he speaks to a crowd. Since I was early, I had a small crowd forming because I had the poster all lined up so I started in with some commentaries. The cameraman came over to me and put a remote microphone on me. Man, I got instantly afraid I was going to say something I should say or drop and F bomb on someone. Well I was talking to a man from Ireland who was peppering me with question after question when a man who I had given a flyer to, threw it back right into my face. Now I can be a little bit of a hot head occasionally but I didnt get upset, I just let my voice get louder and louder and louder. I said, "Look, I'm not un-American. I'm a Patriot. If America is attacked, I'd fight and die for my country and Im disabled (I held my cane high in the air). I'll be here on 9/11 and well all be here in reverence for the 300 murdered souls and me especially for the 343 brave firefighters that lost their lives that tragic day. I am an ex-FDNY dispatcher and all we want is a new independent commission to answer the 115 unanswered questions and omissions from the original 9/11 commission. Then I look the guy that threw the flyer back at me and said, David Ray Griffin said to open your mind 40% give me 30% look in your computer. Google 9/11 conspiracies and read what it says. That's how I got started. That's all we ask is for you to open your eyes and read what's in front of them. Thank you." My heart was pounding. Several of the guys from the group came over and shook my hand. One of them gave me a hug. The cameraman got what he wanted and took the mike from me. So we went on with our routine as Les got interviewed by the reporter I kept giving small groups talks on our newest poster about Osama Bin Laden's FBI office was closed because he is no longer wanted for the crimes of 9/11 because there is no hard evidence that he was responsible for 9/11 or was he ever. So why are our troops still in Afghanistan and why are they still dying? As the day goes on the anti-9/11 group shows up and attacks us from all sides, trying to tack up their signs over top of ours on the construction companys wall, which is illegal. So we just step in front of them to keep them from getting at out posters. I get stuck with one of the tacks in my shoulder and the guy threatens me. I tell him that I am diabetic and that if he sticks me with that tack again, were going to court. He backs off and shuts up. They think they can intimidate but they are easily fooled. So we kept blocking them but Ryan, one of the younger guys says to me, Let them go. With the film crew here, it just draws attention to them. Then a hand grabs me by the shirt and pulls me out of the fray. It was a local cameraman who says to me, Why bother with them. Its not worth it. So I told him about the tack in my shoulder and what he said to me and another guy from the group was there, they both said, go to the police. I said why bother, just what the cameraman said before. They kept saying that the threat and the tack stick was enough in this situation because they would do it to us. Which leads me to about half an hour later. They must have called the Transit police because they rolled up and must have complained to them. Now I wasn't close enough to it but Les was there and he is the peacemaker and I'm sure the cops told the 911myths people to Play nice children because they werent there for more than 5 minutes. The afternoon got hotter as the day wore on and the myths people kept holding their signs over our heads and a lot of people would hold our flyers in front of theirs. One of our newest posters like I said before was the Osama poster not being wanted by the FBI anymore so I was talking about that to a couple of people and the girl from the opposition help up her FALSE sign next to it. So I said, how can it be false if this is his Most Wanted Poster right from the FBIs website, The Government. How can it be false if it come right from their own website? She walked away. The people laughed at her. There was a reporter from US News & World Report there interviewing people. I didn't know who he was I just knew he was a reporter. I went up to him and told him that one of the signs that they had said Evidence, We Dont Need No Stinkin' Evidence. So I told him, See all they want to do is suppress our evidence. They have no evidence. We have the facts from that day. All of our evidence and photos are from 9/11/2001, not the edited stuff that the press and the government gives out. So he interviewed me a little more, asked who I was and the standard stuff and what we did. I guess I'll have to keep my eye on the magazine stands and their website. I had my second celebrity sighting today. From the FX show Rescue Me starring Dennis Leary, Jack McGee who plays the Chief Jerry Reilly. I usually don't bother celebrities on their off time but he was interested in our cause as he started to talk to me. He has played firefighters in many movies including Turk 182 and Backdraft so he told me that he thinks things are beginning to open up for us but we didnt get too far into the conversation and a handshake before the camera bugs interrupted us. So I went back to my talking and he moved on to the next camera bug. Man did it get hotter as the day wore on. One of the gang brought some water. That goes down great. I had brought some flavored sparkling water and tea but plain old water on a hot day hits the spot after a while. We packed up around 4 PM and headed for Times Square for the Anti-War Rally that was there. It was supposed to be a Get Israel out of Lebanon rally but it sure looked a lot like a Palestine rally. There was even a Hezbollah flag there. There was anti-Castro people there and of course ANTI-BUSH people everywhere!!!!! One of our group got interviewed and I got my picture taken holding one of the posters. After a while I got tired of standing so I met up with a few guys and we sat in Starbucks for a while and had a small repast and discussed how we would finish up the rally. We went up the far end of Times Square and handed out flyers for 9/11/2006 for everybody to Join us for one mass demonstration comprised of 9/11 truth events with keynote speakers, films, forums and outreach actions. I gave mine out then the rally started to march and some of our group marched with them and I marched into the subway and walked the long tunnel to the station and 1 stop to Penn Station and home. My greatest day at Ground Zero by far even beating my first day.

July 12, 2006

Tonight we had our first planning committee meeting for the activities that will be held on 9/11/2006. Mostly we set up a roster of what we would be talking about and a lot of discussion about that took up most of the night. But a list of tentative speakers was brought up and many were definites. Also Loose Changes Final Cut will be premiered on the evening of 9/11. Saturday night is being designated new York Nights and stories of the First Responders and many New Yorkers will be told throughout the day with film showings. A civilian grand jury is being set up in conjunction with one that was set up in Los Angeles that was very successful. Mostly we did a lot of arguing about things, not really but it was talk about what we thought we should do and what we shouldnt do. There will be more and productive meetings but I wont be able to attend them all, unfortunately. I want to be more involved but the finances wont allow me to. So Les, our leader has assigned me the job of researching the hostels in New York, getting all the locations and amenities and prices. I got them into a spreadsheet. He has also given he the job of watching over 911myths to see how vicious they get towards us. They are a pain in the butt. Also I am to research the flying abilities of the pilots of the 4 planes other than Jani Janjour who has been written about ad naseum. So I have my jobs to do, even if Im not in NYC

July 7, 2006

I attended an outreach at Union Square. Another group was using St Marks so there was no showing of a DVD or a discussion there so we used the time to outreach. As an added event we used the time to try an get signatures to get Carl Person on the ballot as an independent candidate for NY state Attorney General. Union Square was full of artists selling their wares and performance artists so we fit right in. I spoke with a couple from Canada about the fact that Bush wants to erase the borders between Canada and Mexico to form the North American Union. I said that I was almost serious about moving to Canada to get away from the totalitarianistic, fascist state that is forming here in the US. They clued me into an item called Softwood Lumber, which I have to look into. I also spoke with a Polish immigrant who I could barely understand but I listened politely. Mostly this was just a standard outreach with one very boisterous detractor. He would just not answer any of our questions. He was a non-believer and would ask questions and would not answer ours. It was back and forth and back and forth. But there are always those that you will never get through to. I enjoy these outreaches to get to be with the people. We went to dinner to have Carl Person speak about his candidacy and that he needed signatures to get on the ballot as an independent candidate. As a New Jerseyian, I cannot sign but I will ask my New York friends if they will at least sign, not saying that they will endorse Carl just so he can get on the ballot. I spoke with a doctor who said she was in holistics and we spoke about my feet and my knee that was in a brace. She wrote me up a diet and how I should deal with my pain. She gave me her brochure and said would call but being in New York I doubt it. But it was interesting. We also spoke about some future plans for 9/11/2006.

June 17, 2006

I went up to New York and Ground Zero for another outreach. This time several unions held a rally for the injured First Responders that have been forgotten by the government saying that they are not responsible for their health. Many are in major pain with lung and breathing problems and many are still having mental problems from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. There were many speakers including Representative Charles Rangel D-NY and many speakers I did not know. Many union speakers and many had congregated. During that time, we were handing out flyers for a First Responder event that we were holding at St Marks Church at 10th St and 2nd Ave in Manhattan for their benefit. Several speakers were to be there to tell the event attendees their problems and what is not being done for their help. I was quite surprised, as I would speak up for the First Responders how many people have forgotten all about the Heroes of 9/11. I would say, How little we forget. We honked for 2 weeks and called them heroes. But now we forget all about them. They are hurting with breathing and lung problems and the government has turned their backs on them. Come to our event. Dont turn your backs on the Heroes of 9/11. And many people would not even look at you or would ignore you. I would expect it for our 9/11 truth literature but for the Heroes of 9/11, they just walked away. So I just stopped talking about it and just handed them out and more people took the flyer. I guess when you embarrass them too much they dont want the flyer. The usual police were there with their machine guns and riot gear. One of them asked me what I was giving out. See we can give out our information as long as we dont come onto the PATH station property, which is about 120 feet away from where we do our outreach. So the police are there for our protection. HA HA After the rally was over, we went into 9/11 mode and started to hand out our regular literature. We had a lot of members today because of the rally so we had the area blanketed with people. I spoke with a few people but not as many as I did my first time. I had a gentlemen who I had a small argument with about the pancake theory of how the towers collapsed. The timing of the towers fell at free fall speed and the pancake theory doesnt jive because there would be too much resistance between each floor for a 100-story tower. Even starting at the 80th floor and each floor taking 1 second to collapse on each other, not even accounting for the resistance, it would take 80 seconds for the tower to collapse. Well, the tower fell in 8-9 seconds, the speed of gravity. It was a little hotter today than the last time when it was a lot windier. I ran out of water and had to hoof it to the cart for some more. Whew, I can just imagine what it will be like in July and August or even on 9/11 itself. We had a team picture taken which I will try to upload to my page as soon as I learn how to it. We had dinner at a local pizza establishment and had some discussions of future events.

June 10, 2006

This is the email that I sent to all my friends about my first outreach at Ground Zero on June 10, 2006. I wanted to tell you all about the most incredible day I had in New York City at Ground Zero, the site of the 9/11/2001 attacks of the World Trade Center towers. I got there early because I had never actually been there to see the area. My wife and I had driven by there one time when we drove to New York one time but this was my first time being there. You cant get too close. They have it fences off and there are areas where they have openings you can see a BIG HOLE in the ground. They are supposed to be working on building the new Freedom Tower, according to what I have read in the paper but all I saw was a lot of men walking around and a lot of trucks driving around and a lot of nothing getting done. But it was Saturday but there was an awful lot of activity in that hole. Every Saturday my 9/11 group goes to Ground Zero and hands out flyers and holds our banner and our story boards, telling the real truth behind the attacks on 9/11/2001. We are a group trying to get the government to answer the unanswered questions that the 9/11 Commission did not answer or did not cover in their investigation. So we just stand there or walk around and hand out our pamphlets and talk to the people if they ask us questions. Several of us hold court when we get enough people looking at the boards and we explain what they mean and many people ask questions and we answer them. A lot of people are extremely satisfied with our answers as we are beginning to convert a lot of people as the recent Zogby poll said that 42f Americans, which translate to 70 million, want a new independent investigation started into what really happened on 9/11/2001. And of course there are our detractors who say we should be ashamed of ourselves or who outright flip us the bird or curse at us but we expect that. But most of the people that dont want our flyers just walk right by without saying anything. Today was also the Puerto Rican Day parade so there were a lot of extra people in town. One of the highlights was when a young lady came to us and started giving us a hard time and she had literature of her own yelling to the people that she had evidence to debunk what we had that was all circumstantial evidence. Well, the more she yelled, the more some of the guys in our group that were her age talked with her and that calmed her down and for the four hours we were there, the younger crowd had her thinking that maybe she was wrong. As a matter of fact, one of the sons of one of our group got her email address. We were kidding him about it afterwards. Maybe we have a convert in the making. But I had 2 significant highlights. The first is that I had Leonardo DiCaprio come right up to me today. I was stunned at first and then I tried to hand him one of my flyers. He looked at me and shook his head. I was surprised at that because he is pretty progressive. And NO I didnt ask for his autograph. I have a policy that I do not bother stars or athletes on their free time. Theyre humans and deserve their own time and dont need to be bothered. To digress a bit, that policy started when I was at the theater one time and I was standing stall to stall in the mens room with Buddy Ryan, the old Philadelphia Eagles football coach. I was, of course, stunned. I just said, Hey Coach, Good Luck on Sunday, (keeping my eyes at eye level ) Do you think we got a chance? And he said, Every Sunday we got a chance. And we parted. So I have seen many celebrities on their off time, Bobby Clarke a Philly Flyer hockey player, Jaromir Jagr, a Pittsburgh Penguin hockey player, at the time, etc and just said hello and good luck stuff like that but never bothered them. So I digressed too long, Sue me! The second thing was that I handed a flyer to a couple of young teenagers and I walked away. As they were reading it, I came back to them and told them and you will read it below in my signature that the FBI has taken the fact off of Osama bin Ladens Most Wanted poster that he is no longer wanted for the 9/11 attacks. The federal government has found no credible evidence to prove that he is responsible for the attacks. Thats right, click on the links in my signature and look for yourself. But as I was talking to these young guys, the talk started to grow and they were asking me more questions. But a strange thing started to happen, the group started to grow. It started at 4, then 6, then 8, then 12 and it finally grew to about 20, which was half of their class that was there for the parade. And what was the best thing in my mind was that these were teenagers who were listening to me, a balding 53 year old man and they were laughing at me or teasing me or even giving me a hard time. They were listening to me and asking me pertinent questions. After they left, I didnt know who to tell first. It was my first time. Talking to a group of people about our cause. I was high as a kite. One of the guys said that its like your first cup of coffee in the morning. Hes too young but I said, nay it felt like I was smoking a joint. Now I walk with a cane and standing for long periods of time are hard on me. So I had to sit on the trash cans and there was a fire department sprinkler standpipe that I could sit on but after that talk I was rejuvenated. My legs were hurting but it was like being a virgin. My friends saw how excited I was. I learned a lot from them. Ive only scratched the surface. There is a lot to learn. So that is my fantastic day in New York. But it started out a little rough. In the bathroom at NY Penn Station I was waiting to get into a stall and I almost had my wallet picked. I turned and whacked the guy with my cane. I was fortunate that a transit cop was the next guy behind the pick pocket. LOL What a dope! Then Im standing in line to get a commuter ticket for the subway and a lady comes up to me asks me if I needed a one trip pass. I said I dont know. She said she had one. Then I said, No I need two. Like Im really going to buy a ticket in New York from someone I dont know. Because you see those tickets are magnetized coupons and they swipe through a reader to get on and off the subway. BUT you get to keep the ticket when youre done. AHA, she saw the Phillies cooler bag I had thought, Heres yokel wholl by my bad ticker. LOL I aint that stupid. Then Im trying to walk up the steps to get to the platform. A VERY steep set of steps (I couldnt find the elevator) and Im hold the rail. Im bad on concrete steps without a rail and my cane. Half way up there was a guy who stopped. I said excuse me 3 times and he wouldnt move. On the 4th time, I yelled at him and he yelled a few New York expletives at me and told me to move around him. Him being a normal person and me being handicapped had to move. Fortunately once again, a transit worker saw what was happening and came to my aid but by then the jerk went down the steps. But Stupid (me) went up the wrong steps. She came to help me up the steps but told me where the elevator was to get to the right platform. But from that point on, my day in New York City was FAN DAMN TASTIC. Next week, the city is honoring the First Responders and we will be there in their honor. I was am FDNY fire dispatcher in the late 80s. Some of you know that, some dont. I had many dinners in the Wall Street district fire houses. I may not have known them personally but I will bet that some of the 343 brave firefighters that died on 9/11/2001 made dinner with us dispatchers many times. So I will be there next Saturday, in their honor and once again to try and get more people convinced that there are too many unanswered questions about that day and to get a new independent investigation started. Thank you for staying with me through this long email. I will be starting a blog of my times with my 9/11 group. My first time was when we protested the opening of United 93. Anyone is more than welcomed to discuss any portion of this email with me. If you have questions, feel free to ask. I have a multitude of websites you can look at to prove what I am saying. Its all there for you to see. Even the government has it on their own websites, proof that what happened at day was a little questionable.

March 24, 2006

The first time I met the group was on March 24,2006 when they picketed the opening of the movie United 93, the movie based on the happenings inside the hijacking of one of the planes on 9/11. It is based on lies and hearsay. There are too many unanswered questions and too many eyewitnesses to fully believe the movie to be true. Before the first movie started, we set up outside the St Marks Church at 10th St & 2nd Ave in Greenwich Village, which is where every Sunday, they hold meetings with movies or discussions on 9/11. In attendance was Gabriel Day, the Outreach & Networking Coordinator for the organization, in from California and another gentlemen from CA, Jose whose last name I do not remember. Also the leader of our New York group is Les Jamison. He is the rock of the group. Other members of the group were Tom, Charlie, Zena, Sherry and several other members whose names I do not remember at the time of this writing. We set up our line along the church wall and the curb lines. We hand out our flyers with our 9/11 quiz on it to see if you can answer the unanswered questions that we pose to you that if you can answer only 1 of the questions, you did better than the 9/11 Commission. This being my first time, I just held a sign around my neck and handed out the flyer. My style is that if they want the flyer, theyll take it, if they dont want it, theyll ignore you, which they usually do. If they stop and ask questions, you do your best to answer them. If you get into a discussion, you tell your story. And then there are the people that are really against us and are so radically mad at us. Many of the other people have different styles. Charlie talks about the hole at the Pentagon and too many unanswered questions while he holds the groups sign that says, 9/11 Was an Inside Job. He also talks about the collapse of WTC7 and why it collapsed when no plane hit it. Others approach the people and almost put it in their hands and of course my way of putting it out and pulling it back if their dont take it. So for about an hour we stood in and around the church area before the movie started. Then we moved down towards the theater. We set up along the curb line so we didnt interfere with any of the theatergoers. Like at the church, I still had my sign but now I was holding it because it was pulling on my neck. So I hand held it in my left hand and tried my best to give out the flyers with my right. I put the sign down eventually and gave out the flyer with both hands. A lot easier. Talking to the New Yorkers wasnt as bad as I thought for my firs time though as I mention here. But I had a pair of lesbians tell me to go F*CK myself. As this blog goes on, you will see that lesbians DO NOT LIKE US. And then there was the guy that came by and told us that we were so wrong and that he was there and we didnt know what we were talking about. All we then say most of the time is and what I usually say is, Open you mind and look in your computer. The facts are all laid out for you. On this day, they were the only 2 radically bad reactions to us we had. Most of the rest were truly interested people. I had conversations with several people and I told them what I thought and what I read on the Internet and how I got started in the group. For more info on how I got into 911truth, please read my profile. Being my first time, I was a little scared and especially being in New York City. The people are a lot different and more diverse. I lived in New York for a year as a fire dispatcher for the FDNY so I relate to 9/11. I may not have known personally any of the firefighters that died that day but I know I must have had dinner with some of them because we had dinner in the Wall Street district a few times. I just told the people that I was convinced that there were unanswered questions that needed to be answered and that we need a new independent commission to look into what really happened on that tragic day. We explain what our boards are all about. Being from Philly, I felt that living in New York was just too fast for me. I felt Philly was much slower and easier. But I was also married. If I werent married, Id probably still be a New Yorker. But as the night went on, a news crew from Access Hollywood showed up to interview the movie patrons on why they attended the movie and what they thought. But then they started to interview one of our group. It became quite a long interview. Then the cameraman took a few shots of the line of us standing and handing out the flyers. But as he was leaving he put the camera back up on his shoulder and took a very long shot of me with the board that I was holding now with the flyers in my hand. So I just held the board up for him and let him film me for about a minute or so. Exciting when we found out that they were going to try and get it on the next nights show, which was a half hour, special on the Tribeca Film Festival. VCR/DVR ALERT!!! I may be on TV. So after the movie was ended we finished up and went to a local establishment to have a drink. It was my first drink in quite a while. We had quite a stimulating conversation on our ideas about what happened on 9/11 as I introduced myself to the group as I told them about myself and told them that I would be coming up more and more, trying to be there at least once a month when I could. They hold informational lines at Ground Zero every Saturday from 1230 Pm to 430 PM weather permitting doing the same thing. Handing out flyers and discussing our views and holding little classes on 911truth. There will be more to come. (We never got to be on Access Hollywood. I DVRd every show that week and we never even got a mention.)